Syria Shoots Down Attacking Israeli F-16

Syrian air defences have shot down an American-supplied Israeli F-16 jet fighter during another Jewish attack on anti-ISIS forces, both nations have confirmed.

Although the controlled media is presenting the developments as a “major escalation,” in fact the Jewish ethnostate has launched more than 100 stab-in-the-back air and missile attacks on Syria in an attempt to weaken that country while it is fighting ISIS terrorists.

The Israeli air force struck Syrian military targets in Damascus early on Saturday morning, reported Syrian television.

Afterwards, the Israeli air force shot down a Syrian drone which they claimed had breached Israeli airspace.

However, the Syrians said that the drone was within its territory, and responded to the renewed Israeli aggression with a ground to air missible bombardment which brought down the Israeli jet.

The plane went down in northern Israel, and the two pilots were forced to eject. One of the Jews was seriously injured, and both have been taken to hospital.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the missile barrage hit other Israeli aircraft as well.

“The army air defense confronted a new Israeli aggression on a military base in the central area and hit more than one aircraft.” SANA reported.

“A military source told SANA that the Israeli enemy on Saturday dawn launched a new aggression against one of the military bases in the central area, and the army air defense confronted the aggression and hit more than one aircraft.

“The new Israeli aggression came 12 hours after the Army General Command announced that the Syrian Arab Army eradicated Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization and the groups affiliated to it from large areas in the pocket extending from the southeast of Khanaser in Aleppo countryside to the west of Sinjar in Idleb countryside to the north of al-Sa’an in Hama countryside,” the SANA report concluded.

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