Syria: White House Hypocrisy Unbounded

The White House has said it is “horrified” at reports of a massacre by pro-Syrian government militia—but has refused to even comment on a confirmed and unprovoked missile strike by Israel against the Syrian capital.


The ongoing conflict in Syria—a witches’ brew of Islamist terrorism, pro-democracy idealists, US backing, “European Muslims,” and overt Israeli-launched rocket strikes—has created such a massive cloud of deceit that it has become nearly impossible to determine what is really going on in that country.

However, one thing stands out clearly—that the US government has a blatantly partisan approach to reacting to violence, depending on who is committing the outrage.

It is well-known that the US government is hostile to the Assad regime in Syria. The puppet masters in Washington DC claim that their opposition to Assad is because of their “support for democracy,” but all informed observers know that the real reason for the hostility is because Syria is one of Israel’s biggest enemies in the region.

This hatred of Assad leads to instant condemnation of Syria on any pretext. In the latest case, the bodies of 50 (or 100, depending upon whose claim is read) Sunni Muslims were found on a street in the town of Badya, after it had been cleared of “rebels” by Syrian government forces.

Although there is no evidence as to who actually carried out the killings—one of just many such incidents—pictures of the killings have been circulated via the Internet in which it is claimed that “pro-government militia” were responsible.

Even if this is true (and, once again, no evidence either way has been produced), it is far-fetched to claim that the Syrian government is responsible for the actions of an uncontrolled private militia—but this did not stop White House spokesman Josh Earnest saying that “Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime and pro-government forces destroyed Bayda, Syria, with mortar fire, then stormed the town, executing entire families.”

Earnest went on to say that “those responsible for serious human rights and international law violations must be held accountable.”
Asked at the same press conference to react to the confirmed—and unprovoked—Israeli missile strike on Damascus, Earnest simply refused to comment, despite videos of the attack (below) showing that immense damage had been done (and presumably large numbers of casualities inflicted).

The attack was the second by Israeli forces in three days. The Jewish state has claimed that the bombings are to prevent the “sophisticated weapons being transferred to Hezbollah” in Lebanon—although there has been absolutely no proof that any such transfers were underway.

Syria has denied the allegations, but that country has faced a barrage of lies emanating from Israel (and spread by the controlled Western media) including claims that it has used chemical weapons.
None of the Israeli claims have been verified, and some have since been refuted. In one recent incident, it was even shown that US-backed “rebels” have been responsible for using a chemical weapon.

However, once again, the White House has been silent over that news.

The Syrian government has reacted to the latest Israeli strike by saying that it was a “declaration of war” by the Zionist state, and that now “all options were open.”

Thus it seems that Israel—which is the only nation in the Middle East which has nuclear weapons and which refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty—might yet achieve its goal of plunging Americans into yet another foreign war to protect the Jewish state.

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