Syrian Govt: “Refugees” Can Come Home Now

The Syrian government has announced all of its nationals outside that country who fled as “refugees” can now return home as peace returns to that nation following the crushing of the US-backed terrorists and ISIS.

The city of Aleppo, photographed on 22 June 2017 (credit Syria Daily, Twitter)

According to a report in the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar made the announcement during a recent meeting with the Lebanese Ambassador to Syria Saad Zakhia.

Haidar said that plans to create and “appropriate atmosphere for the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland is underway with all administrative, logistical and executive measures being adopted”—meaning that there is no longer any reason for Syrians to seek asylum in Europe.

“Large number of citizens will return soon to their homes in the city of Deir Ezzor, southeastern countryside of Aleppo, Damascus Countryside and other areas,” Haidar added.

As of October 2016, Lebanon officially hosted 1.5 million Syrian refugees, half of them children (below 18 years old). It was to discuss this number that the meeting was held, but the fact that the governments of Syria and Lebanon are now discussing their return is an indication that they are seeking to end the “refugee” issue.

This of course also means that the reason claimed by the Syrian “refugees” for seeking “asylum” in European nations is also rapidly collapsing.

At the same time, Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis has announced a new stage of work programs in Aleppo province to rehabilitate “the electricity networks, roads, water and sewage, in addition to the plans needed for rehabilitating and building factories, industrial and economic establishments.”

Speaking at a press conference earlier this week, Khamis briefed journalists on government plants to rebuild the city of Aleppo after four years of occupation by US backed terrorists.

He said that that reactivating the role of the state’s service institutions and administrative units constitutes one the government’s top priority in the province.

In regard to activating the agricultural sector, Khamis said that the government works on rehabilitating and maintaining the irrigation networks in the eastern countryside of the province, affirming the government’s continued support to the agricultural sector.

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  1. Its essential , for the ‘well being ‘ of every one. and… Their duty, to rebuild. Gen Douglas MacArthur 1945 – ordered all Jap Imp Pacific ‘migrants’ to get home to re build Japan. Or…he’d come and get them .

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