“Syrian” Passports for €20

Nonwhite invaders from all over the world are buying fake Syrian passports for as little as €20 apiece to swindle liberal Europeans into giving them “asylum,” a prominent German specialist in Middle Eastern affairs has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with the AhlulBayt News Agency in Iran, Manuel Ochsenreiter, editor in chief of the German monthly news magazine ZUERST!, said that fake Syrian passports could be purchased in Turkey, the Balkans, Macedonia, and Greece.


Ochsenreiter said that the “refugee crisis” had been created by the European Union and the German government.

He went on to name the most significant factors behind the current “crisis”: “European political [interference] in Libya, the Middle East, [EU] support for Israel, terrorism in Syria, the complete disintegration of Iraq, and the war against Afghanistan.”

Ochsenreiter pointed out that all of these factors “originate from the West, not Middle Eastern countries, like Iran. Iran has no responsibility and is in the danger zone because of what is going on the country.”

“So we can say what is happening to Europe today is like a geopolitical boomerang. You throw it and it comes back and hits you in the head. So right now, the West threw a boomerang at Bashar al Assad, and now it gets the refugee crisis [bouncing back] against its head.”

He said that the risks involved in this strategy were clear: “There is an influx of terrorism, criminals, people who are not refugees—those who are coming for economic reasons, who take advantage of the crisis.”

There are between 1.5 and two million invaders claiming to be refugees in Germany today, but this is just an estimate, he continued. “We don’t know [what the exact numbers are]; our government has lost control. They are just busy with emergency management.”

Asked about how the different European nations dealt with the invasion, Ochsenreiter said that “Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland” have refused to take in “refugees. They say that they are not responsible for what had happened in Syria and Libya and that the ‘refugees’ should go to those countries that are responsible.”

However, Ochsenreiter pointed, the fact of these nations’ membership of the European Union puts them in a difficult situation: “But, the problem is that they cannot shrink from their responsibilities. These countries are members of the European Union; when you are member of a gang, and your gang leader commits a crime, you are also responsible. You can’t leave the gang without facing any repercussions.”

Then there are countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain, he continued, which provides very low quality accommodation. These are countries that the invaders do not like, so they usually cross over in Germany or Sweden, where their “treatment meets UN standards.”

However, he said, there were now so many in Germany that it had become impossible to provide any more services. “This has nothing to do with the people or the government, it’s simply a matter of a lack of resources,” he said.

Asked about the relationship between the EU and Turkey, Ochsenreiter said that Turkey “was taking advantage” of the situation.

“Turkey has been involved in the Syrian crisis since 2011, and is one of the aggressor countries.”

He said that Turkey was using Syrian refugees “as political pressure. Turkey opens its gates to Europe from time to time to push the EU into negotiations.”

Ochsenreiter pointed out that if one listened to what other European leaders were saying about Turkish president Recep Erdogan, then it was clear that they are all “upset about him.”

“They believe Turkey lacks democracy, human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of press, but still they negotiate with him because Erdogan presses them with the refugees. The refugees are somehow his hostages.”

He pointed out that what Erdogan really wanted with the visa-free EU travel deal was to “export” his own ethnic problem—the Kurds—to Europe.

“I think that Erdogan is going to use this visa free privilege in his war against [the Turkish] Kurdish population. They are Turkish citizens, and, under the visa free deal, the Kurds will be pressured by Erdogan to travel to Europe. We have a lot of Kurdish communities in Europe, so refugee Kurds can already pinpoint locations to where they can go.”

Ochsenreiter said that “many people come to Germany who are not Syrians, but only those who bought a Syrian passport for 20 to 30 euros. They can buy Syrian passports in Turkey, the Balkans, Macedonia, and Greece.

“So Algerians, Libyans, Saudis, and Yemenis are easily entering in the name of Syrians.”

Asked how the threat of terrorism should be handled, he said that the most important way would be to establish “normal relations with the legal Syrian government.” Then, the EU could just send them the ID numbers of the “Syrian” passports being presented by the “refugees” and ask if they were genuine or not.

“And when the Syrian government says, no, the owner or such-and-such a passport died in 1974, or this passport ID has been used 42 times,” it would be easy to check who is a Syrian and who is not.

“But for this we will need proper diplomatic channels and cooperation,” he said.

“Secondly, the Syrian government would be able to tell us: be careful, this one is a criminal, liberated by the terrorists from a prison in Raqqa for example. They could tell us who exactly these people are and we could work together against the threat—but this is only possible when we start cooperating with Syria and other countries on the same level, not like a colonial power toward a colony, not like the masters toward their servants.”

In addition, he said, if European states were serious about ending terrorism, they should ban all organizations in Europe which are in charge of supporting terrorism in foreign countries.

“In Germany we have many organizations collecting money supposedly for humanitarian aid, which ends up in the hands of al-Nusra Front and ISIS and so on. These organizations are known to the German government.

“Secondly, the West should immediately stop all sanctions against countries that are fighting against terrorism on the ground, which includes Syria itself, Iran, and Russia.”

“Thirdly, the West should pose sanctions against those who support terrorism, namely Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf monarchies, and of course also Israel. Israel for example treats al-Nusra Front fighters in its hospitals.”

“Finally, it is necessary that Europe, after it has managed to fight terrorism in Syria and in Iraq, should have the obligation to help rebuild these countries, because Europe helped in their destruction.”

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  1. The US and the UK politicians, EVERY last one responsible for the invasion and destruction of Europe. Pure sc*m the lot of them!

  2. This “revelation” does not surprise me in the least.All the mainly islamic states south of the Mediterranean,the Middle East and virtually all other states to the East of Suez,excluding Singapore,Malaysia and Japan and a few others,are renowned for their acquiescence in every form of corruption,whether it be state generated or on a private basis.Bakhsheesh is the cry which can be heard,intermingled with the cries of the various priests,imams and the devotees of Buddha,from dawn to dusk.But,what we consider corruption,is considered by the citizens of these countries,all in varying shades of disrepair and decrepitude,to be quite normal.Even Greece is infected with this creeping,insidious disease,which,after having swindled their way into the EU,its governments find that they simply cannot play the game according to the EU rules and this has led,inexorably,to their present financial collapse.
    Some years ago I was informed in a pub in west London that one could buy a pretty good forged British passport for circa £50;a better example would,naturally,cost a little more with prices ranging from £90-£250,–.The upper limit being for a stolen genuine GB passport.
    If this information could be imparted to me,a complete stranger in this house by the way,then I assume it must have been known to the police.Are we now,without it being acknowledged,already in the throes of this sickness?Who knows?

  3. That hideous hag Merkel will have her bully boys gunning for this whistle-blower. Well done my man !
    Let`s hope he sets a trend and that many more will decide to speak out, not just in Germany but across the whole of the EU to stop the evil bitch and her cohorts in in their tracks NOW.

  4. This is yet another well known fact, forged passports are nothing new, it’s been going on for decades. Bearing in mind that all residents in all of the countries these bogus migrants come from have more than one form of ID, the only people to blame are those that have allowed them to land in Italy and Greece throughout all of 2015 without their ID.

  5. Suspend the human rights law until they can tell for sure who is a muslim or islamist extremist else they will get another Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels bombing. Majority of muslims from mid east are extremists.

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