Afghan Drug-Invader Swindle Exposed

Five Afghan invaders pretending to be refugees in Austria have been arrested after using their taxpayer-funded welfare payments to set up an international drug ring. The leader of the gang used his... Read more »

Pakistan Expels 3 Million Afghan “Refugees”

Pakistan has started expelling all 3 million illegal immigrant Afghans back to their home country—in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The fact that the UNHCR is involved in... Read more »

Austrians Attack Afghan Refugee-Robber Mob

Austrian patriots spontaneously attacked a mob of Afghan refugee-robbers at Vienna’s Westbahnhof railway station last night, turning one of the platforms into a mass brawl which only ended when police swooped on... Read more »

Afghan Invader Rapist in Australia Wins Right of Appeal on “Cultural” Grounds

A 31-year old Afghan invader in Australia has won the right to appeal against his conviction of raping an 18-year old white girl because, he claimed, he did not understand the European... Read more »