Italy: Support for Salvini Rockets as African Invasion Drops over 95%—and Trickling to Complete Halt

Italy’s Lega leader Matteo Salvini is now that country’s most popular politician as news emerged that his anti-invasion policies have brought the African invasion down by more than 95 percent—and seems set to... Read more »

Algeria Sick of Sub-Saharan Invaders: Deports Tens of Thousands Back South to Niger

The Algerian government—sick and tired of being used as a staging post by millions of sub-Saharan Africans seeking to invade Europe—has started dumping tens of thousands of blacks back south back into... Read more »

Italy: More Invaders than all 2015

More Africans have now invaded Italy this year than the total number who did so last year—and there are still over two months of 2016 to go. One of the recent invaders... Read more »

10,000 African Invaders Per Week

Well over 7,000 Sub-Saharan African invaders landed on the shores of Italy in just two days, bringing the total number so far this year to at least 60,000, the Italian government has... Read more »

Fiction Becomes Fact: World War Z Zombies and the African Invasion

Fiction has become fact with the World War Z-like African swarming of the border fence around the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the North African coast. Read more »

Whites Blamed as African Invader Ships Sink in Mediterranean

White people are to blame because Africans who invade Europe in rickety overcrowded boats across the Mediterranean Sea are dying when their boats sink, the president of the African nation of Gambia... Read more »