Whites to Blame Because Blacks have Higher Aids Rate in Mississippi, says NPR

White “racism” and white people’s “attitude” towards homosexuals and Aids is to blame for the higher incidence of Aids among blacks in Mississippi, according to a new article by National Public Radio... Read more »

South Africa: Government has “Likely” Misappropriated 51% of US “AIDS Help” Aid Money

The South African government’s Department of Health appears to have “likely” misappropriated more than half of the US taxpayer-funded $5.8 million “President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief” (PEPFAR) cash given to that... Read more »

Magistrate Fired for Being Normal

The homosexual perversion of contemporary western society has gone so far that a magistrate in England has been sacked merely for expressing the opinion that placing children in the care of same-sex... Read more »

Homos, Nonwhites, Big EU AIDS Threat

Homosexuals and nonwhites remain the biggest spreaders of AIDs in the European Union, and were together responsible for 66 percent of all new infections during 2014, says a new report issued by... Read more »