Algeria Sick of Sub-Saharan Invaders: Deports Tens of Thousands Back South to Niger

The Algerian government—sick and tired of being used as a staging post by millions of sub-Saharan Africans seeking to invade Europe—has started dumping tens of thousands of blacks back south back into... Read more »

Algeria: Eleven Africans Convicted of Spying for Israel

One Liberian with Lebanese nationality and ten Africans have been convicted in an Algerian court on charges of spying for Israel, the Anadolu Agency news service has reported. Read more »

Germany: Moroccan Deported 10 Times

The ongoing insanity of Angela Merkel’s “open borders” policy has been demonstrated once again with the news that a Moroccan drug dealer has been deported from Germany no less than ten times... Read more »

North African States Refuse Repatriation

Three North African states whose nationals have taken part in the Angela Merkel-created mass “refugee” invasion of Europe—Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia—are now refusing to take back their nationals even if they have... Read more »