Mexico: 7,667 Murders in Just Three Months

Mexico registered 7,667 murders during the first three months of 2018, as violence continues to spiral out of control, with one of the latest incident being a brazen attack on a tourist... Read more »

Trump’s Immigration Plan: Two Million Amnesty “Bigger than Obama’s”

The Trump Administration’s newly-released “immigration outline” is a “preemptive surrender” which will mean an amnesty for up to two million illegal aliens—a number far bigger than what even was contemplated during the... Read more »

3.6 Million Potential “Dreamers,” Warns DC Think Tank

At least 3.6 million Central and South Americans were brought to the US as under age children by their illegal age parents, a figure being ignored in the current debate over the... Read more »

PA Acts over “Illegal Alien Invasion”

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have announced six bills aimed at curbing what they accurately described as the “illegal alien invasion” of their state. “There is a new sheriff in the Oval Office who... Read more »

FGM Evil Comes to US

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has firmly established itself in America along with the mass Third World invasion of that country. According to a government report there are now more than half a... Read more »

Immigrant-Terror Networks “Already in US”

American security officials “fear” that “terror networks have already been established inside America,” thanks to the pro-Third World open borders immigration policy pursued by successive U.S. administrations. The officials, speaking to the... Read more »

925,000 Illegals “Ignore Deportation”

There are nearly one million illegal immigrants in the US who have ignored official deportation orders because US law enforcement is at an all-time low, new figures have shown. The one million illegals... Read more »

FL Homo Shootings: “Hoist on own Petard”

The Afghanistan-origin of the gunman who killed more than 50 homosexuals and other sexual deviants at an Orlando, Florida nightclub last night, has highlighted the inherent contradictions of modern liberalism—and has hoist... Read more »

Latino Anti-Trump “Citizenship Rush” Fails

The much-lauded Latino plans to register millions of new US citizens in time to vote against Donald Trump appear to have failed, with only 177,713 acquiring American nationality in the period January... Read more »

Illegal Aliens Sue to Stop ID Checks

Five nonwhite invader families living in a northern Virginia mobile home community have sued their landlords for “discrimination” after they were asked to prove their legal right to be in the US. The... Read more »