Invasion of US “Highest Ever”

The US Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) arrested a record 38,135 nonwhite invaders crossing the US–Mexico border every day during the month of April 2016—a dramatic increase which means that 1,271 were... Read more »

Third World Economic Decline Stares US in Face as Nonwhite Immigration Invasion Floods Country

More than half of the US’s school-age children are now officially living in poverty—destroying the leftist argument that immigration will “boost the economy” and plunging America to the very precipice of Third... Read more »

White Americans Being Overrun at Public Schools, But Majority at Private Schools

New figures which show that white pupils are now officially the minority in US state schools hide the fact that their real numbers have remained nearly constant, and it is only the... Read more »

As Rumors of Immigration Amnesty Increase, Third World Invaders Send their Young Kids to America to Stake Their Claim

The continued and growing rumors of a complete immigration amnesty to be issued by the Obama regime in Washington DC has sparked off an invasion of America by juvenile Third Wolrders, most... Read more »

The End of America Part II

The recent fracas in the United States over the government “shutdown” and budget battle in the Congress has obscured the real burning issue which will forever seal the future of that nation:... Read more »

Mexican Activists Seek Repeal of Arizona Voter ID Law

In an astonishing display of Mexican racial activism, Latino pressure groups are pushing for the repeal of an Arizona law which merely requires that potential voters prove that they are US citizens... Read more »