Israel: Jews Demand “Better” Military Aid Deal from US Taxpayers Despite $38 billion Gift

Israeli members of parliament have demanded that the US government “renegotiate” the $38 billion armaments aid deal given to the Jewish ethnostate—because not all of the money will be spent in Israel,... Read more »

US Congress Ups “Missile Aid” for Israel by $705 million to Record $6.5 Billion

The Jewish lobby-controlled US Congress has increased direct military aid to Israel’s missile defense systems by another $705 million in 2018 to bring the total given the Jews-only state to over $6.5... Read more »

Truck Attack: Coward IDF Soldiers

The controlled media-generated image of Israeli soldiers as “fearless warriors” has taken a hammering with the fact that hundreds of heavily-armed Jewish soldiers cowardly ran away—even those hundreds of feet away—after witnessing... Read more »

Aid to Israel: “Citizens Have No Say”

The U.S. Department of Justice says a law forbidding “foreign aid” to nuclear-armed Israel can only be enforced by the president—and that no one else has jurisdiction over this matter. The astonishing... Read more »

“Aid” to Israel: New Court Move

The blatantly illegal American government’s “aid” to Israel might come to an end sooner than expected after the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy’s (IRmep) filed a new urgent application on November... Read more »

Lawsuit Filed over Illegal US Aid to Israel

Legal history was made last week in a Washington D.C. Federal Court when several senior U.S. Government figures were named as respondents in a suit filed over America’s ongoing illegal “aid” to... Read more »

Israel to Build “Super Wall”

Israel is to build a “super concrete wall” around the Gaza Strip which will extend dozens of feet over and underground, the Jewish state has announced. At the same time, all major US... Read more »

Israeli Arms Sales Top $5.7bn

Last year Israel sold in excess of $5.7 billion worth of military hardware to nations around the globe—while raking in at least $3.1 billion in “foreign aid” from US taxpayers. This means that... Read more »

Israel Wants $50B from Bankrupt USA

The international Jewish Lobby has submitted a demand for $50 billion in military aid from America, even though the US national debt has topped $18 trillion and is set to increase to... Read more »