5th Century Coin Now “Hate”

In another example of political correctness gone mad, an eBay auction of a 5th Century Thracian coin with a swastika has been halted on the grounds that it was “hateful or discriminatory.”... Read more »

11,600-Year-Old Village Excavated in Cyprus

Recent archaeological digs have uncovered more than 20 round buildings in what is believed to be Cyprus's earliest known village, dating as the 9th millennium BC, the east Mediterranean island's Department of... Read more »

First Phoenician DNA is European

Traditional historical accounts which claim the Phoenicians were all Semitic has been turned on its head with the news that ancient DNA extracted from a 2,500-year-old Phoenician skeleton has unquestionably shown European... Read more »

Germany May Be Birthplace of European Music and Art

The remains of the world’s oldest musical instruments and human figurines suggest that music and artistic depictions of the human form may have first developed in Germany around 40,000 years ago, say... Read more »