Angela Merkel Denied “Full Asylum”

Angela Merkel—the Syrian baby named after the German chancellor—who was born in Germany after her parents arrived in that country pretending to be refugees, has been denied “full asylum.” The family has... Read more »

Now Merkel Offers Turks Asylum

Not satisfied with last year’s massive “asylum” invasion, the Angela Merkel regime has now made an unconditional offer of asylum to all Turks who claim that they have been “persecuted” by Turkey’s... Read more »

Merkel: EU “Must take Muslims”

The refusal of some European Union countries to accept Muslim refugees is "unacceptable" and all of them must take in Muslims, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced. “That's not right at all... Read more »

Invader Violence as Deportation Dawns

Thousands of nonwhite invaders trapped in Greece have resorted to mass violence as their imminent deportation back to Turkey draws ever close—confirming earlier predictions that there would be violence no matter how... Read more »

Merkel’s Madness Makes Bloodshed Inevitable

There is no chance that the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders who have poured into Europe since mid-2015 will all go back home peacefully “once there is peace” in their countries, as the... Read more »

¼ Million Invaders Unregistered in Germany

The German government has admitted that more than a quarter of a million nonwhite invaders have entered that country this year without being registered. The shocking admission has been reported by the... Read more »

German Court: Merkel Has Nullified Law

The German District Court in Passau has ruled that Angela Merkel has effectively nullified German law on illegal immigration by opening the country’s borders, and as a result ordered a people smuggler... Read more »

Merkel’s Terrorist “Refugee” Invasion

Despite shootouts in Paris, eight ISIS militants detained in Turkey pretending to be “refugees,” and at least eight invaders using the same fake “Syrian passport” details as found in the Paris terrorist... Read more »

1000s of Invaders “Vanishing”

Thousands of nonwhite invaders in Germany are refusing to be registered and are “vanishing” after arriving in that country, authorities have admitted—and many appear to be taking advantage of the European Union’s... Read more »