Israel: “Jewish Power” Party Leader Banned from Election, But Party Still in Electoral Alliance with Netanyahu

The leader of the violently anti-Gentile Otzma Yehudit (“Jewish Power”) party in Israel, Michael Ben-Ari, has been banned by the Israeli Supreme Court from standing as a candidate in the upcoming elections—but... Read more »

Israel: Jews Burn 53 Churches, Mosques—No Media Outcry

Jewish extremists have attacked and burned at least 53 Christian churches and Muslim mosques in Israel since 2009—but there is no international media outcry unlike what would be the case had 53... Read more »

Israel: Non-Jewish Schools Being “Starved into Oblivion” by Anti-Gentile Racism

Non-Jewish schools in Israel—many of them hundreds of years old and predating the Zionist state—are deliberately being “starved into oblivion” due to Jewish racism which seeks to drive them out of the... Read more »