Poway Synagogue Shooter: ‘White Genocide Causing White Terrorism’

White genocide—the extermination of the white race through the flooding of European lands with Third Worlders—is the primary cause of the rise of white terrorism, according to the manifesto of the Poway,... Read more »

US Department of Education Declares Criticism of Israel as “Anti-Semitism”

In the latest example of the Jewish lobby’s stranglehold on the American government, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights Jewish head has ordered that any criticism of Israel will in... Read more »

‘Jewish Black Market Trading Causes Anti-Semitism,’ said UK Government in 1943: New Observer Reveals Full Document

Jewish domination of illegal and exploitative black market was the leading cause of cause of “growing anti-Semitism” in Britain during the Second World War, a previously secret 1943 UK government report said. Read more »

Jew JCC Threat-Makers: 2 Years, 1,000 Calls

The Jews arrested for making bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers (JCC) have been operating for over two years, have made over 1,000 such calls to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New... Read more »

Clueless Corbyn and the Jewish Lobby

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is once again under attack from the Jewish lobby—this time for opposing anti-Semitism and defending Jews. Corbyn’s error is that he expects political and moral consistency from... Read more »

Putin: Jews Can “Take Refuge” in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a formal invitation to the Jews of Europe to “take refuge” in Russia during a meeting with the executive committee of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) this... Read more »