SPLC Jews Lied over Anti-White Hate

The Jewish Supremacist Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) lies were exposed once again when it was revealed that their “Trump racist hate crime” report deliberately hid anti-white hate incidents—which were more than... Read more »

Philadelphia: Black Mobs Attack Whites

Whites are being attacked at random by hundreds of blacks on the streets near the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia—and the controlled media is deliberately hushing up the anti-white nature of... Read more »

NY Settles with White Student

The New York school district being sued by a white former school pupil for refusing to prevent racially-motivated attacks has agreed to settle out of court rather than go to trial. The... Read more »

Canada: “All Parties too White”

The president of Canada’s third largest party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), has announced that all parties in that country are “too white” and that this urgently needs to be changed. The comments,... Read more »

Criminal Black Mob Rampages through Georgia Walmart as Controlled Media Pretends They are Just “Teens”

Yet another flash mob rampage by a gang of criminal blacks through a Macon County, Georgia, Walmart has been presented in the mass media as a “teen” rampage—all as part of a... Read more »

(Update: Victim Dies) Another Vicious Racist Attack: But It’s only a White, So No Major News Coverage

Yet another vicious racist attack which has left its white victim lying brain-dead in the middle of Union Square, New York City, has once again revealed the openly anti-white bias of the... Read more »

Mexican, Black, and South American Gangs Tearing up Texas

Despite media attention focusing on a small white criminal prison gang in Texas routinely described as “white supremacists” which have been accused of murdering law enforcement officers, official figures show that there... Read more »