New York City: Anti-White Hatred Frenzy as Whites Denied Access to Public Schools

The anti-white hatred which underpins all modern liberal societies is emerging in its open form in New York City, where white children are now actively being denied access to public schools in... Read more »

US College: Invaders Given Preference

Nonwhite invaders who have entered America illegally are being funded by the Obama regime by millions of dollars to attend colleges free of charge—while American citizens are put to the back of... Read more »

Mãori-only Institutions in New Zealand

Ongoing Mãori-only institutions in the educational field have once again highlighted the open racial hypocrisy practiced against white people in that country, a survey of recent developments has shown. A number of... Read more »

Latest Ploy to Enforce School Diversity: “Gifted” Class Cut at Brooklyn School because It Is Too White

Faced with the unpalatable truth that the majority of pupils in the “gifted” class of its enrolment were white—and the “rest” of the student body are nonwhite—a Brooklyn school has taken the... Read more »

Obamacare: It’s All about Race—Taking from Whites to Give to Nonwhites

The much-vaunted “Obamacare” medical insurance reforms in the United States will not create a European-style social medical system, but is solely designed to make the shrinking white population pay for nonwhite medical... Read more »