South Africa’s President says Robert Mugabe was a “Hero” and “Gigantic Intellectual”

South Africa's President and leader of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, has hailed the recently-deceased white-hating former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, as a “hero” and a “gigantic intellectual””—and announced that the ANC... Read more »

South African “Equality” Court Rules: Criminal Offence to Display Old Flag—Even in Private Homes

Black South African “Equality Court” judge Phineas Mojapelo has ruled that the further “gratuitous” public display of the old South African flag constitutes “hate speech” in that country, and that anyone saying... Read more »

Hungarian City Rejected as Next EU’s “Capital of Culture” Because it is “Too White”

The Hungarian city of Székesfehérvár’s application to be selected as the next European Union’s “Capital of Culture” has rejected because its filmed submission was “propaganda for white Christian Europe” in which “everyone... Read more »

Police State Britain: Man Charged for Bad Taste Grenfell Tower Joke, Faces 6 Months Jail

Britain’s rapid descent into a dystopian police state has accelerated once again with the news that the man responsible for the bad taste joke video made of a Grenfell Tower fire bonfire... Read more »

US DOJ: Criminals with “Nazi” Names are “White Supremacists,” But Hispanic or Black Power Name Gangs are not “Supremacists”

The anti-white nature of the US establishment is clearly demonstrated with the fact that violent prison gangs with white members using monikers such as “Filthy Führer” are openly declared “white supremacists” by... Read more »

Whites to Blame Because Blacks have Higher Aids Rate in Mississippi, says NPR

White “racism” and white people’s “attitude” towards homosexuals and Aids is to blame for the higher incidence of Aids among blacks in Mississippi, according to a new article by National Public Radio... Read more »

201 Muslim Terrorist Attacks this Year Have Killed 1,175—No “Outrage” because Attackers Weren’t White

So far this year there have been 201 different Muslim terrorist attacks around the world which have killed 1,175 people—but, unlike the New Zealand mosque attack, there is no international “outrage” because... Read more »

South Africa: Seizure of White Property Law to be Put to Parliament after May Election

The South African parliamentary subcommittee set up to expedite the seizure of white property and hand it over to blacks has finalized its recommendations on how to amend the country’s constitution, and... Read more »

Latest Anti-White Hatred: White People Now Blamed for Air Pollution

White people are to blame for air pollution which is “breathed in more” by nonwhites, according to the latest outrageous example of establishment anti-white hatred in the controlled media. Read more »

Feminists Bang Kitchen Pots and Pans to Mark “International Women’s’ Day”

Feminists took to the streets of Madrid at midnight to mark the start of “International Women’s Day”—by banging kitchen pots and pans in a display filled with irony which was clearly lost... Read more »

Hungary Uses “Citizenship by Ancestry” Law to Take its People from Venezuela

The Hungarian government has used its 2011 “Citizenship by ancestry” law to take in 350 Hungarian-origin people from the collapsing Third World nation of Venezuela, and another 750 are waiting for the... Read more »

BBC: No More “White Blokes” Shows Like Monty Python Allowed

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced that it will in future not commission shows which only have white actors—and that a show like the comedy “Monty Python” would be shunned because... Read more »

60 More Groups Could Sue Jewish Extremist SPLC after it Pays out $3 Million for “Error”

The Jewish extremist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) —already linked to at least two deadly terrorist attacks—has paid out $3.375 million and apologize after making yet another “error” in its hate-filled—and  controlled... Read more »

Zimbabwe Tries to Lure Whites Back, Admits Black Farms a Disaster

The new government of Zimbabwe has offered white farmers inside and outside the country a 99-year lease on their properties confiscated during the 2000-2002 anti-white attacks in an effort to restart the... Read more »

Lies: ADL’s “White Extremist Murder” List Contains Sanders & Obama Voters, Mixed-Race Gangs, Domestic Disputes

The Anti-Defamation League’s claim that “white supremacists” committed the majority of “extremist” murders in 2017 is an outright lie, and includes murders by mixed-race gangs, Obama and Bernie Sanders voters, domestic disputes,... Read more »

US Whites Blamed because Nonwhites Have Higher School-Arrest Rate

In yet another indication of the twisted anti-white nature of the current American political system, white people have been blamed for the fact that nonwhite students have a dramatically higher rate of... Read more »

Miss Fiji: Too White by Half

The newswires were recently abuzz with a story that the winner of the South Pacific Island Miss Fiji competition, schoolgirl Torika Watters, has been subjected to a torrent of abuse by Fijians—because she does... Read more »

It’s All about Race: the Mestizo with the Anglo Name

Establishment-encouraged anti-White hatred is at the core of the  current ”Trayvon Martin killing” trial of mestizo George Zimmerman, as evidenced by the clear and obvious racial undertones and hypocrisy surrounding nonwhite crime.... Read more »