Yemen: The Hidden War

The announcement that the U.S. is “scaling back” its involvement in the Yemen civil war has lifted the curtain on that bloody conflict, which has seen American and U.K. military intervention driven... Read more »

Clinton: Israel Helps Syria “Rebels”

Israel has actively supported “Syrian rebels” as part of a wider US-Israeli strategy to destabilize the Arab world, new revelations from the Hilary Clinton email archive have confirmed. The emails reveal Clinton’s... Read more »

Mass Sex-Attacks “Arabic Culture”

The German Federal Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) has announced that mass sex attacks are a well-known phenomenon in “Arabic culture,” where it even has a specific name: “taharrush gamea.” The astonishing admission... Read more »

Egyptian Chaos Spreads as Vigilantes Take Over

The “Arab Spring”—which has turned out into little more than a chance for Islamist extremists to make a serious grab for power—is slowly unravelling as chaos starts to spread out from its... Read more »