German Resistance Continues: 6 Attacks per Day on Invader Centers in 2017

There were 2,219 attacks upon invader centers in Germany during 2017, an average of six per day, in which at least 300 invaders were injured, figures released by the Interior Ministry have... Read more »

The War for Germany

German patriots are waging an increasingly violent struggle in the fight in defense of their homeland, and in the first nine months of 2016, have carried out 63 arson attacks, and... Read more »

705 Attacks on Invader Centers

New official figures from the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) claim that there have been 705 “attacks” on invader centers in that country this year so far—including at least... Read more »

Cologne: Invader Centers Attacked

German patriots defending their homeland from the criminal-refugee invasion subjected two more “asylum centers” to arson attacks overnight. Both invader centers are located in North Rhine-Westphalia—the state of which Cologne is one... Read more »

German Patriots Panic Establishment

The continued German patriotic defense against the Angela Merkel-created Third World invasion of Europe has the establishment panicked, with the head of Germany’s federal police saying that attacks on invader centers reached... Read more »

One Week of War: Patriots vs Invasion

German patriots continue to increase the pace of the defense of Europe against the Third World invasion, with at least nineteen serious incidents reported in the last week alone. A CCTV image... Read more »

3 More Invader Centers Burned

Three more invader centers have been burned down in Germany—one in the northern port town of Bremen, another in Spremberg, Saxony, and a third only two miles from Berlin—as German patriots continue... Read more »

Germany: Two More Invader Centers Burned

German patriots have completely destroyed two more invader centers in the state of Saxony overnight, German media have reported.  Although firefighters were able to extinguish both fires, damage was substantial and both... Read more »