UN Supplying Invasion of Europe

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation, are actively supplying the continuing illegal nonwhite invasion of Europe through the Balkans route with provisions, backpacks and... Read more »

Shock over New Hungarian “Transit Center”

Shockwaves have spread throughout Europe at the news that the Hungarian government—despite all its earlier promises not to facilitate the further nonwhite invasion of Europe—has now secretly agreed to build a new... Read more »

Custodela Fightback Site Launched

After six months of preparation, the “Custodela” initiative—announced by the dynamic and world-famous mayor of Ásotthalom in Hungary in December 2015—has launched its own website. The project was created by Mayor... Read more »

The Safest Town in Europe

While some of the municipalities of western Europe give their taxpayers’ money to nonwhite invaders, the Hungarian municipality of Ásotthalom—with the help of the government’s support—has instead equipped its local border guards... Read more »

New Media Platform Needed: Hungarian Mayor

A new media platform named “Custodela” will be created to influence public opinion in Europe on the third world invasion threat to its existence, the mayor of Ásotthalom in Hungary has announced.... Read more »

The Town Mayor Who Stopped the Invasion of Hungary

By The New Observer’s correspondent in Ásotthalom, Hungary. The mayor of Ásotthalom, László Toroczkai, is as impressive in real life as he is in his world famous videos. He is young, energetic, and... Read more »

Hungarian Mayor: Europe Faces “Bloody Conflict”

Europe faces the real possibility of a bloody conflict within the near future as a result of the irresponsible policy of allowing mass Third World immigration onto its shores, the world-famous Hungarian... Read more »