There were 41,563 “asylum” applications—including dependents—made in Britain in the year ending March 2016, an increase of 30 percent compared with the previous year, new figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics have revealed. This is the fifth successive year in which asylum applications have risen, although the number of applications is low relative to the peak in 2002, when 103,081 swindlers applied.

Some 28,290 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who entered Australia prior to 2010 have still not been “processed,” it has emerged.
According to a report by Radio Australia, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that of the 30,000 “asylum seeker” legacy cases that arrived in Australia under Labor, more than 28,000 remain in the country.

Françoise Schepmans, the pro-invasion mayor of Molenbeek, has banned the Identitarian movement protest meeting scheduled for this coming weekend in Brussels.
Making the announcement on their Facebook page, the Génération Identitaire Movement said that it seemed that Schepmans preferred to identify with the Islamists rather than European people.

At least three of the terrorists who took part in the March 22 attacks in Brussels were “refugees” who entered Europe via Greece and the Balkans route, the Greek government has confirmed.
Two of the nonwhites landed on the island of Lesbos on September 20, 2015, posing as refugees, while the third flew into Greece from Italy on July 23.

Nonwhite invaders posing as “refugees” and living in state provider centers appear now to be above the law, according to a crime victim who was told by police that they cannot enter the camps to recover stolen property.
According to a report in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, the “asylum centers” are now a “legal black hole” into which “asylum seekers” can retreat after committing crimes without fear of being pursued.

The pope formally marked himself as an enemy of European civilization this weekend by washing and kissing nonwhite invaders’ feet and declaring that they were all his “Muslim brothers.”
The debasing spectacle played itself out at an Easter mass at an invader center in Castelnuovo di Porto, outside Rome.

IsraAID, the Israeli government’s foreign aid agency, provides food, clothing, medical, and logistical support to the nonwhite invaders of Europe in Greece, Croatia, and Germany, in “cooperation with the Jewish community of that [latter] country.”
At the same time that it pays the nonwhite invaders to enter Europe, Israel refuses to allow a single “refugee” into its territory and instead has built a large wall to keep them—and all non-Jews—out of the Jewish country.

This face is the personification of the nonwhite invasion of Europe: the Algerian “asylum seeker” who is the first to be charged with sex offences after the events on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.
Farouk B., a 26-year-old, and ten others—of whom only three have been identified—sexually harassed a white German woman and stole her cell phone on the evening of December 31, 2015, in Cologne city center.

The Czech parliament this week rejected the European Union’s “deal” with Turkey—and has refused to take part in the EU’s planned “redistribution” of nonwhite invaders throughout Europe. In addition, the Chamber of Deputies also rejected the idea of visa-free Turkish movement through Europe, and demanded that Greece be expelled from the EU. The vote was the first definite statement of intent from the new parliament following recent elections.

German police have arrested a 19-year-old nonwhite invader in a Berlin “refugee center” after identifying him as a fighter for ISIS in Syria—the latest in a series of refugee-terrorist arrests this week in Germany. Identified as “Shaas E. M.,” joined ISIS in 2013 and stayed n Syria until August last year, when he took part in the mass invasion of Europe following Angela Merkel’s invitation to the Third World to come to Germany.

Terrorist attacks in Europe are the fault of the leftist parties in Europe—that was the message that activists from the Austrian Identitarian movement carried into the streets of Vienna today in double protests in front of the headquarters of the Green and Social Democratic parties. The protests—using the sounds of explosions and cries of terror to symbolize recent events—drew huge support and applause from passersby.

A shocking insight into the low IQ, ignorance, and hatred which the nonwhite “refugees” have brought with them to Germany, has been dramatically revealed in a series of interviews conducted inside Berlin “asylum centers” by the Tagespiegel newspaper.
The article also revealed that police are called out every day to the centers to deal with a never-ending wave of violent criminality, that most of the invaders are not “refugees” at all, and that half of them are illiterate.

Officials from European and Iraqi intelligence services have revealed to the Associated Press (AP) that ISIS has already trained and deployed four hundred terrorists into Europe.
A senior Iraqi intelligence official said people from the cell that carried out the Paris attacks are scattered across Germany, Britain, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden.

The Polish government has now refused to take any nonwhite invader “refugees” at all following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Prime Minister Beata Szydło has announced. The move finally revokes the undertaking made by the previous Polish government to take in thousands of nonwhites pretending to be refugees in terms of a proposed European Union “distribution” plan worked out by Angela Merkel’s regime.

The promotion of nonwhite “immigration” into Europe is to blame for the latest terrorist bombings in Brussels, and such attacks will increase unless the Third World invasion is halted and reversed. The controlled media’s coverage of the attacks will, as usual, focus on the minutiae of the events rather than their real cause—and will do anything to hide the fact that mass Third World immigration is the real culprit.

More than two million “immigrants” came to Germany last year, while “only” 860,000 left again, created a “net” immigration increase of 1.14 million. A government statement said that this was “the highest net immigration of foreigners ever recorded” in Germany’s history—but media pointed out that these figures do not yet even include all of last year’s “refugees.”

Patriots have carried out more than one thousand attacks of all sorts on invader centers in Germany during 2015, final figures from the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Office, BKA) have revealed.
According to BKA chief Holger Münch, the rate of attacks went up fivefold over 2014, where there were only 199 such incidents.

Nonwhite invaders have committed more than 200,000 crimes in Germany in 2015 alone, a new confidential police report leaked to the media has revealed.
The report, published in Spiegel magazine, also said that the crime and security situation will only get worse as times goes on.

The Turkish government has started to halt the flood of invaders sailing to the Greek islands in terms of its “deal” with the European Union—proving that they could have done it all along and merely used the nonwhite invasion to blackmail Europe.
On Friday, March 18, Turkish police intercepted 3,000 invaders attempting to cross on land and sea in a major operation involving coast guard and helicopters, as the “deal” was being struck in Brussels.

The arrest of “immigrant” terrorist Salah Abdeslam in Brussels has once again highlighted the terror threat faced by Europe as a result of mass nonwhite legal and illegal immigration, and the ongoing “refugee” invasion. All ten of the Paris terror attackers were either “immigrants” or “asylum seekers,” and at least three entered Europe as part of the Angela Merkel-invited wave of “refugees” last year.