Calais Jungle ‘Will stay in France’

Despite demands by the conservative mayor of Calais that the “Jungle” of nonwhite invaders outside her town be moved to Britain following the Brexit vote, the French government has confirmed that there... Read more »

Liberal Delusions Reach Astounding Heights

Liberal excuses for the recent criminal behavior of refugee-invaders in Europe have reached dizzyingly new heights—and include claims that they are more educated than Europeans, that Mohammed was a feminist, and that... Read more »

Liberals Shocked as Invaders Kill Homo

Leftist Swedes are astounded at the arrest this week of two “refugees” from Morocco for the June 2015 murder of a dress-wearing homo in Bergsjön, eastern Gothenburg, Sweden. According to a report... Read more »

Germany: “1 Million Refugees”

With three weeks to go before the end of the year, the German government has officially registered one million nonwhite invaders as “asylum seekers” as of the beginning of this week, it... Read more »