German Resistance to Third World Invasion at All-Time High: Invader Centers Attacked Every 2 Days

Violent white German resistance to the Third World invasion of that country is at an all-time high, and invader centers are being attacked at the rate of one every two days, according... Read more »

Germany: 236 Invader Centers Attacked

At least 236 invader centers housing fake refugees in Germany have been attacked this year already, according to the first figures in this regard to have broken through the state and media-imposed... Read more »

Invaders Taking over Potsdam

The thousands of Muslim invaders, who continue to flood Germany by posing as refugees, have started taking over the streets of the historic city of Potsdam for their Friday afternoon prayer sessions. “It... Read more »

Attacks on Invader Centers Triple

Violent attacks against invader centers carried out by patriots resisting the Third World invasion of Germany have tripled in Berlin, and are set to surpass last year’s record nationwide total of 1,005.... Read more »

2015: 1,005 Attacks on Invader Centers

Patriots have carried out more than one thousand attacks of all sorts on invader centers in Germany during 2015, final figures from the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Office, BKA) have revealed. According to BKA... Read more »

Germany: 2 More Invader Centers Attacked

German patriots have burned down another two invader centers as the war for the existence of Europe on both political and physical levels continues to escalate. In the town of Schkeuditz, near Leipzig,... Read more »

German Police: “Attacks on Invader Centers have Tripled”

The number of violent attacks, propaganda, and “race incitement” incidents against the nonwhite invaders reported to the German police have tripled this year compared to last, official figures claim. Read more »

Germany: Bombing and Attacks on Invaders

The ongoing war for the survival of Europe under the flood of nonwhite invaders has heated up overnight with reports of a bombing of an invader camp in Freital, Saxony, and the... Read more »