Austria, Hungary, US, Will Not Sign UN “Migration Compact” Giving Third World the “Right” to Invade

The Austrian government has announced that it will not sign the upcoming United Nations “Compact on Migration”—joining the US and Hungary (and soon Poland)—because it grants Third Worlders the “human right” to... Read more »

Austria: Mosques Shut, Imams Expelled as Govt. Moves against “Political Islam”

The Austrian government has announced the closure of at least seven mosques and has started procedures to expel 53 imams as part of its previously-announced policy to crack down on “political Islam”—and... Read more »

Austrian Chancellor: “Station EU Troops in Africa” to Halt Invasion

European Union border guards should be stationed in North Africa to prevent nonwhites from even crossing the Mediterranean Sea in the first place, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has demanded. Read more »

Austria: FPÖ Slams Identitarian Arrests in Graz as “Incomprehensible”

The recent arrests and charging of 17 members of the Identitarian Movement Austria (IBÖ) under anti-mafia laws for forming a “criminal organization” by the far left public prosecutor in the city of... Read more »

Austria: Invaders Must Prove Country of First Entry” into EU

Third World invaders pretending to be “refugees” in Austria will be in future be forced to prove that that country was their first port of entry into the European Union—a physical impossibility... Read more »

International Jewry Endorses FPÖ Boycott

The chairman of the Israel-Austria Friendship Group in the Israeli Knesset, the official organization of Jews in Austria (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde), and the World Jewish Congress have all endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Read more »

No More EU “Migrant Distribution” for Austria

Austria has officially announced that it will not accept any Third World invaders pretending to be refugees into its territory in terms of the European Union’s “migrant distribution quota” system. Read more »

Austria: Invaders Hand Over Cash/Phones

All Third Worlders seeking “refugee” status in Austria will from now on have to hand over all cash they have—and their cell phones—to the government before they will even be allowed to... Read more »

Israel Boycotts of Austrian Government

The Jews-only ethnostate of Israel has formally announced a boycott of the new Austrian government, even though the Jewish state’s racially-based immigration, refugee, citizenship and marriage policies are far to the right... Read more »

Anti-Invasion Austrian Govt Sworn In

Several Communist thugs have been arrested in Vienna during demonstrations against the swearing in of the new anti-Third World invasion Austrian coalition government today—while at the same time the far-left controlled European... Read more »

Austria: Zero Employment Rate amongst “Refugees”

New official figures from the Austrian Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice, AMS) show that none of the 90,000 Third Worlders pretending to be refugees in that country are employed, and that all are... Read more »

Austria: FPÖ/ ÖVP Agree on Halting Invasion

The first full week of coalition talks between the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) and the Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP) have resulted in an agreement to halt all illegal immigration, reduce... Read more »

Austria: FPÖ Accepts Offer to form Coalition Government

Austria’s anti-invasion Freedom Party (FPÖ) has formally accepted an offer from the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) to form a coalition government, and talks have already started in that regard because the two... Read more »

“A New European Foe”: Jews Line Up to Attack Austria after Election

The European Jewish Congress, Austria's Jewish Community (IKG) organization, and the Jerusalem Post have joined forces in a concerted attack upon Austria following last weekend’s election which saw the conservatives and the... Read more »

“Refugee”-Invader Killed Elderly Austrians to “Warn against Voting FPÖ”

A nonwhite invader from Tunisia parasiting off the taxpayers in Austria while pretending to be a refugee murdered an elderly Austrian couple out of hatred towards the FPÖ [Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs] and... Read more »

Austria: Fear of FPÖ Brings Government Crackdown on Invasion

The ruling Austrian Socialist-conservative coalition has started talking tough on dealing with the nonwhite invasion of that country by hundreds of thousands of fake refugees—not because they want to stop the invaders,... Read more »

Austria: New Refugee-Invader Sex Attack Covered Up

A gang rape of a 15-year-old white girl by three nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Austria was deliberately covered up for weeks, and only came to light after DNA evidence... Read more »

Iowa Congressman Invites FPÖ Chief to Trump Inauguration

Iowa Congressman Steve King has ensured that Austria’s Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian-Strache will be in attendance at the Donald Trump inauguration in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 20. Read more »

Hitler House Will Not be Demolished

The 17th century house in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria, where Adolf Hitler was born, will not be demolished, and will instead continue to be used for a mental health charity as before, the Austrian... Read more »

New Wave of Invader Attacks Rocks Austria

A new wave of nonwhite invader-refugee attacks upon whites has rocked Austria, and have included sex attacks and other assaults in Innsbruck, Mödling, and Kremsmuenster in Upper Austria. The ever-increasing refugee violence... Read more »

“Civil War Possible” because of Merkel

Angela Merkel is Europe’s most dangerous politician and her promotion of the mass Third World invasion has paved the way for a possible civil war in Europe, HC Strache, the leader of... Read more »

Austria: Invader Child Rapist Freed

The infamous nonwhite invader child rapist-refugee who was jailed after raping a boy at an Austrian swimming pool in December 2015, after claiming that it was a “sexual emergency,” has had his... Read more »

Austria: 3,000 Invaders Per Month

At least 3,000 nonwhite invaders—the majority from sub-Saharan Africa—are still demanding “asylum” every month in Austria. Up to 90 percent of the asylum seekers that have had their applications rejected in Austria... Read more »

Third Refugee-Terrorist Trial in Salzburg

The third of a series of trials of refugee-terrorists in Austria—all of whom came to Europe during the mass 2015 Angela Merkel “refugee” invasion—has started in the city of Salzburg. In the... Read more »

Afghan Drug-Invader Swindle Exposed

Five Afghan invaders pretending to be refugees in Austria have been arrested after using their taxpayer-funded welfare payments to set up an international drug ring. The leader of the gang used his... Read more »

Austria: Election Postponed

The Austrian presidential election is likely to be postponed from October 2 to November 27 or December 4, after it emerged that there have once again been serious problems preparing postal ballots. According... Read more »