Dramatic Increase in Nonwhites Using “New Balkans Route” to Invade Europe

So far this year more than 6,700 nonwhites pretending to be refugees have invaded Europe by using a pathway through Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, bypassing Serbia and Hungary which have... Read more »

Croatia Builds Border Fence as Invasion Steps Up

The Croatian government is building a fence along a part of its border with Serbia to stop nonwhite invaders still trying to reach Western Europe, local media have reported. The fence was... Read more »

Invasion: Hungary Declares Emergency

The Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency to cope with a renewed wave of nonwhite invaders forcing their way into that country following the de facto closing of the “Balkans... Read more »

Invaders Attack as Border Tightens

A new wave of nonwhite invaders from North and sub-Saharan Africa have launched a renewed attack on the Hungarian border as the Balkan nations agreed to prevent access to anyone who was... Read more »

Invaders Held for Weapons at Greek Border

Three nonwhite invaders—including two who hold British passports—have been arrested in Greece while trying to smuggle firearms and more than 200,000 rounds of ammunition into Europe via the “refugee Balkans route,” local... Read more »