Baltimore Businesses Collapsing under Black Crime Plague

Increasing numbers of commercial businesses in the black overrun city of Baltimore, Maryland, are closing up and fleeing in the wake of an 88 percent increase in commercial robberies in that metropole,... Read more »

Nonwhite U.S.’s Murderous Mayhem

The leftist establishment—so quick to whine about “Black Lives Matter”—is silent about the 792 murders committed by nonwhites in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C. this year. The establishment is also silent on... Read more »

Baltimore: “Racist Cops” Lie Implodes

The leftist and “Black Lives Matter” lie that “racist white policemen” target nonwhites in Baltimore has collapsed with a survey which shows that the majority of commanders and officers in that city’s... Read more »

Understanding What is Happening in Baltimore

“I don’t know if people understand what is happening in Baltimore” is a recent headline in the Washington Post—and is an example of the race-denying worldview which refuses to correlate the relationship... Read more »

Maryland: Whites Ordered to “Integrate”

The US Government has forced the 63 percent white Baltimore County to accept being flooded with impoverished blacks from Baltimore city in taxpayer-subsidized “low-income housing.” The order, which will destroy the region’s... Read more »

72% Nonwhite Baltimore Set for Record Homicide Level

The 72 percent nonwhite city of Baltimore, Maryland, is set to have its highest ever homicide rate in one year in 2015, according to statistics released by authorities. The records show the... Read more »