Belgium: Complaints Laid over Carnival Float Depicting Jews as Moneygrubbers Causing Inflation

The Forum of Jewish Organizations (FJO) and the Coordination Committee of Jewish Organizations in Belgium (CCOJB) have lodged a complaint with the “anti-racist” organization Unia and the Belgian authorities over a flaot... Read more »

Flanders: 25% Housing to “Foreigners”

More than a quarter of all “social housing”—that is, government subsidized—residential homes in Flanders, Belgium, were given to non-Belgians in 2015, and in the major city of Antwerp, more than 40 percent... Read more »

Ghent: Turks Attack Europeans

Hundreds of Turks attacked police and white Belgians in Ghent over the past weekend as members of the pro-European Voorpost organization held a “no Turkey in the European Union” rally in the... Read more »

Belgium: Invader-Terrorist Machete Attack

Another nonwhite invader terrorist has been shot dead in Brussels, Belgium, after attacking and wounding two police officers with a machete while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The immigrant terrorist was shot by an... Read more »

Belgium: Fear Cancels Leftist “March against Fear”

A liberal-organized “March against Fear” in Brussels scheduled for today was cancelled—because of security fears. The “March against Fear” was just one of the useless “protests” planned by those who do not understand... Read more »

2019 is D-Day for Belgium

The 2019 general elections in Belgium are its D-Day, because after this date, nonwhite mass immigration will overwhelm that nation, the leader of the Vlaams Belang (VB) party, Tom van Grieken, has... Read more »

“Flemish Culture too White”

Flemish culture is “too white,” an official subcommittee from the Belgian government’s Department of Culture, Youth, Sport, and Media has announced. The report also revealed that Flemish theaters and dance houses were to... Read more »

Belgium: Invader Terror Shootout

Four Belgian policemen have been injured and one nonwhite invader terrorist has been killed in a shootout in Brussels late this afternoon, Belgian broadcaster RTBF has reported. The shootings took place during a... Read more »

Belgium: 1,000 New Police to Fight Terror

The Belgian government has announced plans to appoint 1,000 extra policemen at a yearly cost of €39 million as a result of the terror threat caused by the increased nonwhite invasion of... Read more »

“Rape is Natural:” Rapefugees in Belgium

“Rape is the most natural thing in the world,” and “women must obey men” were just two of the defenses offered by some of the seven nonwhite invaders recently arrested for a... Read more »

Flemish Militants Protest Invasion

A group of fifteen militant activists from the NAG Voorpost organization in Flanders have continued their protest campaign against the nonwhite invasion of Europe by symbolically occupying a building set to house... Read more »

Belgium: The Myth of “Economic Growth” through Integration

Third World immigration does not contribute to building European economies, but is actually a burden on the economy, a new report from Belgium’s Vlaams Belang party has revealed. Read more »