Berlin: Invader Crime Halts DHL Deliveries

Violent attacks on personnel, robberies, and fraud have forced DHL Express to halt all deliveries in the invader-overrun region of Wedding, north-west Berlin, a statement from the company has announced. Wedding has... Read more »

Arab/Refugee Crime Swamping Berlin

Extended criminal Arab families dominate entire neighborhoods in Berlin, and are now recruiting new members from the “refugee camps”—and the German capital city’s underworld is now “lost” to them, the German Die... Read more »

100 Molenbeeks in France

There are at least one hundred neighborhoods like Molenbeek in France, that country’s Minister for Cities, Patrick Kanner, has announced—another indication of how legal nonwhite immigration is overrunning Europe. Speaking on French radio,... Read more »

Turk Gangster Blown Up in Berlin

A Turk gangster and convicted drug dealer was blown up in a car bombing this morning in Charlottenburg, Berlin, in the middle of rush-hour traffic, highlighting once again the Turkish involvement in... Read more »

6,000 Patriots March in Berlin

In a show of strength which has horrified leftists, more than six thousand German patriots today took part in a mass “Merkel must go” rally in Berlin right in front of the... Read more »

More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested in Germany

Another four Islamic State (IS) refugee-terrorist have been arrested in dawn raids on Thursday, February 4, at three “asylum centers” across Germany—with the cell leader being detained in an in an “asylum... Read more »

Berlin to get €600m Invader Hotel Bill

The taxpayers of Berlin are to be presented with a €600 million bill—payable to an “Israeli-owned hotel group”—to house nonwhite “refugee”-invaders in luxury hotels in the city, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)... Read more »

Berlin: “Dead Syrian” Lie Exposed

Claims by the controlled media, based upon a statement by the pro-invasion “Moabit helps” organization in Berlin, that a “Syrian refugee” died while waiting to be helped outside a Berlin welfare office,... Read more »