Over 100 shopping malls across America have implemented a curfew on “unaccompanied teens” after 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays after thousands of blacks rioted in shopping centers for the second year in a row the day after Christmas.

Thousands of blacks rioted once again in malls in a dozen states across the U.S. on the day after Christmas in a now commonplace event as that country’s urban areas continue their slide in majority nonwhite slums.

The U.K. Government-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has claimed in a new report that blacks are “three times more likely than white people to be murdered”—but fails to point out that it is blacks who are doing the murdering. The latest anti-white outburst from the EHRC—headed up by the Jew David Isaacs— has been widely quoted in the controlled media as “evidence” of “white racism.”

Black and Hispanic gang warfare and criminality in have resulted in 137 murders during the months of June and July, setting a new record for that city which is well on its way to becoming a second Detroit. There have been 2,500 shootings in the city this year.

Nonwhites—blacks and Hispanics—account for 64 percent of the US prison population, even though they account for 37 percent of the total population—and they account for 75 percent of all prisoners in federal penitentiaries. The figures all use the loose federal government’s definition of race, which routinely classifies Hispanics as “white,” and the actual figures could be even more distorted than the reported statistics.

Thousands of blacks have once again rioted at shopping malls across America over the past weekend—but the controlled media is still pretending not to notice the race of the rioters,…