2017: More Whites Killed by US Police

Whites made up 48 percent of all victims of US police killings in 2017—compared to blacks (27 percent), Hispanics (21 percent) and “others” (4 percent)—once again definitively disproving the lies espoused by... Read more »

“Black Lives Matter” Sued for Murder

The family of the Dallas, Texas, Hispanic police officer who was shot down by a black gunman who thought he was white, has launched a lawsuit against the “Black Lives Matter” movement.... Read more »

Duke to Oppose Black Hate in La.

U.S. Senate candidate Dr. David Duke, will personally defend the iconic Andrew Jackson statue in New Orleans against “Black Lives Matter” hate in downtown New Orleans on Saturday morning, September 24. The... Read more »

Charlotte: Anti-White Hatred Erupts

Simmering anti-white hatred—generated by decades of controlled media bias and establishment politics—has erupted in in Charlotte, North Carolina, with thousands of blacks roaming the streets attacking whites at random. The "cause" of... Read more »

Nonwhite U.S.’s Murderous Mayhem

The leftist establishment—so quick to whine about “Black Lives Matter”—is silent about the 792 murders committed by nonwhites in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C. this year. The establishment is also silent on... Read more »

Blacks Riot over Black Shooting

Black riots in Milwaukee were sparked off because a black gangster with a long rap sheet was shot dead by a black policeman after refusing to lay down a stolen firearm. These... Read more »

Baltimore: “Racist Cops” Lie Implodes

The leftist and “Black Lives Matter” lie that “racist white policemen” target nonwhites in Baltimore has collapsed with a survey which shows that the majority of commanders and officers in that city’s... Read more »

BLM Racists Order Whites to Back

The racist anti-white “Black Lives Matter” march at the Democratic National Convention was marked by its leaders demanding that the handful of white liberals in attendance get to the “back of the... Read more »

“BLM” Racist Murderers Created by Media

The black racist shooter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who today killed at least three police officers in a calculated shooting, is yet another product of years of anti-white incitement. America is in... Read more »

2,100 Chicago Shootings; “BLM” Silent

Yet another weekend of murder and mayhem by blacks and Hispanics in Chicago has raised the number of shootings in this 72 percent nonwhite city this year to over 2,100—and the number... Read more »

US Goes on High Alert for Black Terrorism

Years of vicious anti-white agitation and incitement by the controlled media and “civil rights” organizations are coming home to roost as a wave of black supremacist racist violence ripples through the US.... Read more »

“Black Lives Matter” Snipers Kill Police

Black gunmen—inspired by the “Black Lives Matter” movement—have killed at least five white policemen in Dallas, Texas, in the first inevitable result of years of anti-white incitement by the media and establishment. Gunfire... Read more »

Chicago: 10 Shootings a Day—No “Outrage”

There are ten shootings per day in Chicago perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics, and, over the Fourth of July weekend, 13 were shot over a 17-hour period—but there is no mass “outrage”... Read more »

The “Racist Police” Myth Redux

The belief that “racist police” in America “kill innocent blacks” is a hoax and was in fact debunked in April last year in the Washington Times. An article titled “Police kill more whites... Read more »

Chicago Mayhem: 20 Shootings in 16 Hours

The 70 percent nonwhite city of Chicago has set a new record for shootings, with 20 reported in just 16 hours, resulting in at least two deaths—a dramatic upturn in the violence... Read more »

Detroit: A “Flurry of Killings” over Christmas

The murder rate in the black disaster zone city of Detroit is on track to top last year’s total—once again highlighting the fact that blacks are almost completely responsible for all violent... Read more »

Controlled Media and Black Mall Riots

Thousands of blacks have once again rioted at shopping malls across America over the past weekend—but the controlled media is still pretending not to notice the race of the rioters, describing them... Read more »

Far More Whites Killed by US Police

Far more white people than blacks are killed by police in America, both proportionally to their population sizes and in real numbers, completely contrary to the anti-white propaganda put out by the... Read more »