“See No Evil” Monkey Statues are Racist, Rules Washington DC US District Court

The use of four “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil” monkey statues in a goodbye video made by staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)... Read more »

Homos, Hetro Blacks, Cause STD Disaster, says CDC

Homosexuals and heterosexual blacks—the two most sexually irresponsible and promiscuous groups—are the primary cause of the massive increase in sexually  transmitted diseases in America over the past few years,  figures from an... Read more »

US Schools: “Chronic Absenteeism”

The majority nonwhite public schooling system in America has been struck by “chronic absenteeism” and the black city of Detroit leads the field with a student absenteeism rate of nearly 60 percent,... Read more »

Poverty Rockets as US Turns Nonwhite

“Extreme poverty” levels within the US have rocketed by over 100 percent during the last fifteen years, directly paralleling the speeded-up nonwhite invasion—and conclusively disproving the argument that “immigration would bring economic... Read more »