Hungarian Fence Halts Balkan Route

The Hungarian government’s building of a fence along its border with Serbia—and its assistance to other states in building similar fences—has all but halted the Balkans route nonwhite invasion of Europe. As... Read more »

Eastern Europe Defends Civilization

Five eastern European nations—Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Slovenia—have emerged as the greatest modern defenders of European civilization by undertaking to deploy armed forces to protect the Macedonian border while... Read more »

Hungarian Mayor: Europe Faces “Bloody Conflict”

Europe faces the real possibility of a bloody conflict within the near future as a result of the irresponsible policy of allowing mass Third World immigration onto its shores, the world-famous Hungarian... Read more »

Merkel’s Lies Exposed by Hungarian Fence

Claims by German chancellor Angela Merkel that a fence will stop the nonwhite invasion of Europe and cause a “war” have been thoroughly exposed as lies by the complete success of the... Read more »