Major Brussels Bus Station Closed after Nonwhite Invaders Cause Scabies, TB, and Malaria Outbreak

Buses will no longer stop at the Brussels North bus station, located just a few blocks away from the European Parliament, after nonwhite invaders—who have camped out illegally at the site—have caused... Read more »

New Invader Terror Attack in Brussels

Yet another nonwhite invader living legally in Belgium has carried out an ISIS-instructed “lone wolf” attack, stabbing two police officers at a Brussels train station. The invader, a North African “immigrant” with... Read more »

Invaders and Poverty in Brussels

The nonwhite colonizer population of Brussels, Belgium, has plunged the “capital of the EU” into a poverty-ridden depression with a 25 percent unemployed rate and one-third living below the official poverty line.... Read more »

Belgium: Invader-Terrorist Machete Attack

Another nonwhite invader terrorist has been shot dead in Brussels, Belgium, after attacking and wounding two police officers with a machete while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The immigrant terrorist was shot by an... Read more »

“Migration = Terrorism:” Hungarian Govt.

The “migration wave” currently being experienced in Europe goes “hand in hand” with the spread of terrorism, the parliamentary leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said. Speaking at a press conference... Read more »

Top Jew in Brussels: “Whites to Blame for Terror”

White “racism” and white peoples’ “failure to integrate” with nonwhites is the cause of Islamic terrorism in Belgium, Yves Goldstein, the Jewish chief of staff for the minister-president of the Brussels Capital... Read more »

Molenbeek: Daily Mail’s Anti-White Lies

The UK's Daily Mail's anti-white bias was illustrated once again with their claim that "right wing fanatics," deliberately ran down a Muslim woman in Molenbeek this weekend—when in fact the culprits were... Read more »

Brussels: Patriots Disrupt Peaceniks

Just over one thousand patriots put in a surprise appearance at a peacenik rally in central Brussels today, sparking off heated confrontations with a similar-sized crowd of reds and nonwhites who had... Read more »

Salah Abdeslam and the Immigration Threat

The arrest of “immigrant” terrorist Salah Abdeslam in Brussels has once again highlighted the terror threat faced by Europe as a result of mass nonwhite legal and illegal immigration, and the ongoing... Read more »

Belgium: Invader Terror Shootout

Four Belgian policemen have been injured and one nonwhite invader terrorist has been killed in a shootout in Brussels late this afternoon, Belgian broadcaster RTBF has reported. The shootings took place during a... Read more »

Muslims Rampage in Brussels, Destroy European Symbols and Infrastructure

In an indication of the future of Third World-overrun western Europe, a mob of Muslims rampaged through the majority nonwhite city of Brussels, Belgium, on New Year’s eve, setting fire to at... Read more »

Brussels: New Invader Terror Arrests

Two more nonwhite invader Muslim terrorists have been arrested in Brussels, Belgium, forcing that city’s government to cancel the traditional New Year’s celebrations in the “capital of Europe” out of fear of... Read more »

3rd Paris Bomber also a Refugee-Terrorist

At least three of the terrorists who attacked Paris entered Europe by posing as “refugees” it has now emerged, confirming once again that the nonwhite invasion flood is being used by Islamists... Read more »