Calais “Truck Refugee” and Sudanese “Child Asylum Seeker” Jailed for UK Terror Plot

Two Sudanese Muslim invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers”—one who invaded Britain from Calais on the back of a truck in 2014, and the other who came as a “child asylum seeker”—have... Read more »

Mass Brawl, Shootings by “Fleeing Violence” Afghans and Eritreans in Calais

Hundreds of Afghans and Eritreans—who claim to be “fleeing violence” in their home countries—have engaged in a mass brawl with each other in Calais, France, in which at least five have been... Read more »

France Paying Invaders to Go Home

The French government is paying invaders a €2,500 ($2,650) “bonus” if they agree to be sent home—further evidence that the entire “asylum” invasion is a hoax. If invaders were “fleeing for their... Read more »

UK: Fake Refugee Invasion Continues

Not content with bringing obviously lying “children” fake refugees into Britain from the Calais Jungle, the British government is now importing “asylum seeker minors” who don’t even claim to have any family... Read more »

Calais Invaders and Stupid Englishmen

Hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of nonwhite invaders who are camped out in Calais are being granted free passes to enter the U.K. by pretending to be children—even though they are obviously adults. Pictures of... Read more »

How Invaders Help the Invasion: Part I

Three Sikhs—legal immigrants to the U.K.—have been put on trial in Britain for smuggling dozens of fellow nonwhites into that country by letting them use their legally-issued British passports. A court heard... Read more »

Jews Actively Aiding Jungle Invaders

Jews in Britain who claim to be refugees from Nazi Germany are actively involved in bringing nonwhite invaders in the Calais Jungle over to the U.K., controlled media reports have revealed. According... Read more »

Calais: Third World Invaders Attack

European tourists in ordinary vehicles are now being targeted in viscious violent attacks by the hordes of Third World invaders who have congregated at the Calais port and tunnel crossings to Britain.... Read more »

Calais Jungle Invaders Renew Attacks

The hordes of Third World invaders massing at the French port of Calais turned violent once again last night, attacking vehicles and burning at least one passing truck. The invaders blocked roads... Read more »

Channel Invader Earns £700 ($930) Per Month

The Sudanese invader who illegally entered Britain by walking through the Channel Tunnel in August 2015 has been rewarded by the UK government with a welfare payment of £700 ($930) per month... Read more »

Calais Invaders “Armed and Dangerous”

French police have officially warned that the nonwhite invaders destroying Calais are “armed and dangerous” and at least twelve have been admitted to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. According to an article... Read more »

Third Worlders Turn Violent in Attempts to Enter Britain

Thousands of Third Worlders—fleeing their own self-inflicted disaster nations—have resorted to outright violence in their attempts to invade soft-touch Britain—and have turned parts of the French coastal town of Calais into a... Read more »