Invaders Already Back in Calais

The French government’s attempts to raze the Calais Jungle are unravelling as hundreds of nonwhite invaders are already returning to the town, refusing to accept France’s offer of “asylum.” At the same... Read more »

Invaders Detained Crossing English Channel

Six nonwhite invaders were detained while trying to invade the UK across the English Channel in a rubber dingy. The U.K.'s Maritime and Coastguard Agency "rescued" them near Dover at around 5:40... Read more »

Calais Jungle Invaders Renew Attacks

The hordes of Third World invaders massing at the French port of Calais turned violent once again last night, attacking vehicles and burning at least one passing truck. The invaders blocked roads... Read more »

Calais Jungle ‘Will stay in France’

Despite demands by the conservative mayor of Calais that the “Jungle” of nonwhite invaders outside her town be moved to Britain following the Brexit vote, the French government has confirmed that there... Read more »

Furious Nonwhites Riot at Calais

Thousands of nonwhite invaders have once again gone on the rampage outside the French port of Calais, desperately trying to force their way into Britain prior to the European Union referendum on... Read more »

“Jungle” Invader Nonwhites Trash Paris

Police in Paris have been forced to clear out a camp set up by nonwhite invaders moved from Calais’ infamous “Jungle” after locals complained that the nonwhites had turned the area into... Read more »

Calais Invaders “Armed and Dangerous”

French police have officially warned that the nonwhite invaders destroying Calais are “armed and dangerous” and at least twelve have been admitted to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. According to an article... Read more »

Liberals Shot and Wounded in Calais

A liberal refugee-helper volunteer was shot in the face by a nonwhite invader during this week’s tribal warfare between Afghans and Sudanese in Calais’s “Jungle,” French news reports have revealed. In addition, at... Read more »

We’ll Fight, Vow French Generation Identitaire Militants

French militants from the Generation Identitaire (GI) movement have vowed to fight “in the field” to prevent the extermination of the European people. In an interview with the French magazine Rouge & Le... Read more »

Calais: 3 Identitarians Imprisoned

Three members of the French Identitarian movement have been sentenced to three months in prison for their participation in last weekend’s blocking of the roads leading to the Calais Jungle. News of... Read more »

14 Identitarians Arrested in Calais

Fourteen members of the French Identitarian movement have been arrested by police after they blockaded the three major roads from the “Jungle” of Calais to the town center, the organization has reported. “Several... Read more »

Patriots Arrested after Calais Attack

Seven patriots from northern France have been arrested for allegedly attacking invaders trying to get onto UK-bound trucks—although they have denied involvement, the La Voix du Nord newspaper has reported. The seven men,... Read more »

Calais: The Truth about the “Jungle”

Last weekend, the former French Legion commander General Christian Piquemal was arrested by French police during an anti-invasion rally in Calais, France. Now, an ordinary resident of that town breaks the... Read more »

Jungle Invaders Attacking Calais Residents

In a renewed outbreak of serious violence by the nonwhite invaders gathered at the French town of Calais—all hoping to get to Britain to live off the taxpayers there—local residents are now... Read more »

Emma Watson Invited to Calais Jungle

An Australian activist has started a petition letter asking liberal actress Emma Watson to spend a week in the nonwhite invader “Calais Jungle” camp to demonstrate how safe she would be. The... Read more »

UK Govt. Promotes Invasion

The granting of asylum to a Sudanese invader who illegally walked most of the length of the tunnel under the Channel between France and Britain has highlighted the fact that whole sections... Read more »

Calais: 1,000 Invaders Storm Channel Tunnel

Over 1,000 nonwhite invaders tried to smash their way into the Channel Tunnel near the French town of Calais on Thursday, December 17, in what local authorities described as an “unprecedented” attack.... Read more »

Shock Photos of Attacks on Calais Trucks

A series of shocking photographs illustrating the full violent extent of the nonwhite invader attacks upon trucks driving through the Calais “Jungle” have emerged. The photographs show windshields smashed by rocks and... Read more »