UN Has Shipped 2,000 Cameroonians Home, 120,000 Still Trying to Invade Europe

The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) has so far shipped at least 2,000 citizens of Cameroon back home from Libya after they voluntarily gave up their attempts to invade Europe—but... Read more »

Cameroon “Athletes” Vanish at Commonwealth Games in Australia

In yet another example of how nonwhites use any opportunity they can to illegally invade white countries, at least a quarter of the “athletes” from Cameroon taking part in the Commonwealth Games... Read more »

UN to Help Cameroon Deport Nigerian “Asylum Seekers”

The West African country of Cameroon last week deported 517 Nigerians—including 313 who falsely claimed to be asylum seekers—and the United Nations plans to help send back at least 85,000 more during... Read more »