“Global Warming” Fanatics Look Like Fools as Cape Town Water Returns

The South African city of Cape Town—widely touted by “global warming” fanatics the world over as the “first city to run dry because of man-made-emissions”—has relaxed its water restrictions after its water... Read more »

74% Increase in Population, not “Climate Change,” Cause of Cape Town Water Crisis

Rapid overpopulation of the South African city of Cape Town by millions of blacks streaming in from other parts of the country—which has caused a 74 percent increase in the city’s population... Read more »

Cape Town, South Africa: Black ANC Councillors Trash City Hall, Dance with Mock AK47s

In yet another example of South Africa’s pitiful slide into Third World chaos, a recent Cape Town city council meeting meant to discuss that metropolis’s annual budget dissolved into chaos as African... Read more »