Pittsburgh Massacre: White Terrorist Blamed Jews for Refugees, Ignored Catholics, Lutherans, and Episcopalians

The white terrorist who murdered eleven Jews in a mass shooting at a synagogue outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, blamed the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) for being behind the fake refugee influx into... Read more »

US Catholic Church Report: Two Clergy Sex Abuse Cases Every Day in 2017

The US Catholic Church’s annual report on sex abuse in that institution says there were nearly two clergy sex abuse cases every day during 2017, totally 674 incidents including 24 against children. Read more »

Christians a Minority in Britain

Only 43.8 percent of people in England and Wales define themselves as Christian, 48.5 percent have “no religion,” and the rest have non-Christian beliefs, says a new report. The figures did consider... Read more »

Pope Welcomes “Muslim Brothers”

The pope formally marked himself as an enemy of European civilization this weekend by washing and kissing nonwhite invaders’ feet and declaring that they were all his “Muslim brothers.” The debasing spectacle played... Read more »