US Customs and Border Patrol Celebrate European American Heritage Month

Employees at the US Customs and Border Patrol’s El Centro unit took time out recently to officially celebrate European American Heritage Month, according to a report in the CBP El Centro Twitter... Read more »

Illegal Alien Birth Payouts cost US Taxpayers More Than Trump Wall

US taxpayers have paid out more money in healthcare payments to illegal aliens who have given birth on US soil than has been allocated for the construction of US President Donald Trump's border wall... Read more »

Trump Border Wall Construction Starts in San Diego

A 14-mile section of President Donald Trump’s border wall is under construction in San Diego, at a cost of $147 million—money which has come from the omnibus spending bill that Trump signed... Read more »

Trump Wall: Prototype Tests Begin

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has started with physical tests of the  “Trump Wall” border prototypes as part of the final determination of which build will be best able to... Read more »