OPCW Says No Nerve Agents used in Syria Attack: Trump and Others Lied to World

The world's chemical weapons watchdog has announced that no nerve agents or other phosphate chemicals were used in an April 7, 2018 incident in Douma, Syria—contrary to claims by US President Donald Trump... Read more »

Douma: Doctors, Nurses, Civilian Eyewitnesses, all Deny “Chemical Attack”

Doctors, nurses, and civilian eyewitnesses from the hospital in Douma, Syria, where the pro-terrorist Western allies claim “chemical weapons victims” were recently treated, have all said there was never any such incident... Read more »

Russia: No Evidence of Chemical Attack in Syria, Dismisses Media’s Lies

There is no evidence that a chemical attack of any sort occurred in Syria on April 7, 2018, and allegations in that regard part of a “dirty confrontation against Russia and Syria,... Read more »

ISIS “Used Turkey for Sarin Transport”

A Turkish Member of Parliament is being investigated for treason against his country for telling Russian Television (RT) that ISIS used Turkey for transiting sarin nerve gas. According to an RT report,... Read more »

EU Ignores Warning of CBW Attack

The European Union has deliberately ignored an official warning from its own research service which says that Europe must prepare itself for the possibility of a chemical or biological weapon (CBW) attack... Read more »

The Poisonous Legacy of World War I

The poisonous legacy of the First World War—which officially ended on November 11, 1918—continues to be felt on the French-Belgian border to this very day, where a 38 square mile (100 square... Read more »

New Barrage of Lies from Obama over Syria

US president Barack Obama has set out a brand new set of brazen lies over Syria in an attempt to bolster flagging public support for his Israeli-intelligence led attack on that country,... Read more »

Middle East Spirals to All-Out War as Jewish Lobby Mounts Pressure for Attack on Syria

* Formal Jewish military lobby already in D.C. “advising US Government” * Jewish newspapers boast of “Israeli central role” in providing “evidence” of chemical attack * Russian President says there is “no... Read more »