Chemnitz, Germany: Invader-“Refugee” Convicted of Murder that Sparked Protests

A fake refugee from Syria living off German taxpayers in the city of Chemnitz has been convicted of a 2016 murder in the city—an attack which sparked off major protests against the... Read more »

Germany: Refugee Attackers Stabbed Chemnitz Victim 25 Times in Slaughter, Reveals AfD Parliamentarian

The man murdered by two fake refugees in Chemnitz last week was stabbed 25 times in a “slaughter” and was killed directly as a result of the illegal mass invasion of Germany... Read more »

Chemnitz: Refugee-Terrorist Attack Foiled

German police have foiled yet another nonwhite refugee-terrorist attack, this time on an airport near Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony. Three other refugee-terrorists have been arrested and police are looking for... Read more »

Sex and Violent Invader Attacks in Saxony

The wave of nonwhite refugee-criminal violence continues to spread across Germany, with two of the latest attacks being a mass sex attack in Leipzig and a vicious unprovoked assault in Chemnitz. In... Read more »