Black and Hispanic crime—often drug- and gang-related—resulted in at least 1,044 homicides and over 5,742 shootings in Los Angeles and Chicago alone in 2016—an average of 3 murders and 15 shootings per day.

Seventy-seven murders in November have pushed Chicago’s death toll to over 700 this year so far, and with one full month left to go, the 75 percent nonwhite city seems well on its way to set an all-time record, closely mirroring the collapse of Detroit in this regard. At the same time, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has promised to defy President-elect Donald Trump’s deportation orders and vowed that the city will always be a “sanctuary city” for illegal invaders.

The nonwhite crime plague which is destroying Chicago has resulted in 3,475 shootings so far this year—an average of 12 per day, and already 1,000 more than the same time last year. There have been at least 595 homicides this year in the 75 percent nonwhite city, compared with 409 this time last year, an increase of 186.

Black gun crime in Chicago resulted in the deaths of three members of that community every day in August, new figures from the city’s police department have revealed. Chicago now has more homicides this year than the bigger cities of Los Angeles and New York combined.

The leftist establishment—so quick to whine about “Black Lives Matter”—is silent about the 792 murders committed by nonwhites in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C. this year. The establishment is also silent on the fact that the vast majority of victims have been black and Hispanic.

Black and Hispanic gang warfare and criminality in have resulted in 137 murders during the months of June and July, setting a new record for that city which is well on its way to becoming a second Detroit. There have been 2,500 shootings in the city this year.

Yet another weekend of murder and mayhem by blacks and Hispanics in Chicago has raised the number of shootings in this 72 percent nonwhite city this year to over 2,100—and the number of homicides to over 300.
The controlled media, the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and the “civil rights” organizations will however focus only on a tiny handful of police shootings in their desire to incite anti-white violence.

Years of vicious anti-white agitation and incitement by the controlled media and “civil rights” organizations are coming home to roost as a wave of black supremacist racist violence ripples through the US. There have been shootings in Dallas, Tennessee and Georgia, violent protests around the country, and the FBI in Louisiana has issued an alert warning of black violence.

There are ten shootings per day in Chicago perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics, and, over the Fourth of July weekend, 13 were shot over a 17-hour period—but there is no mass “outrage” over this nonwhite gun crime rampage. Instead, the controlled media prefers to focus on alleged “white racist police” and thereby incite hatred against whites.

The belief that “racist police” in America “kill innocent blacks” is a hoax and was in fact debunked in April last year in the Washington Times.
An article titled “Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage” which said that “analysis contradicts widespread views about racial targets,” definitively exposed the myth.

There have been 1,500 shootings in Chicago this year, with some 400 in May alone, setting a new record for the 70 percent nonwhite city.
Some 66 deaths resulted from May’s shooting total, the most since May 1995, when 75 were shot dead in the city, records show.

The 70 percent nonwhite city of Chicago has set a new record for shootings, with 20 reported in just 16 hours, resulting in at least two deaths—a dramatic upturn in the violence which has become a feature of all majority black and Hispanic American cities. According to a report in the Chicago Tribune—which of course is careful not to mention race—the rampage included several drive-by shootings.

The number of shootings in Chicago this year officially passed the 1,000 mark on April 20, a new record for the 70 percent nonwhite city which is rapidly plunging into Third World chaos thanks to an ever increasing black and Hispanic population.
The city reached the 1,000 mark on Wednesday, when 13 people were shot over 14 hours, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

An orgy of nonwhite violence since the beginning of this year has seen Memphis, Tennessee, beat even Chicago in the homicide rankings, with a 64 percent higher murder rate in the southern city.
Both cities are 70 percent nonwhite, but because Chicago has a much larger population, the murder rate per 100,000 people in Memphis is substantially higher.

There have been eight shootings per day in Chicago from January to March 2016, resulting in 135 homicides—an increase of 71 percent over the same period last year.
The statistics, released by the Chicago Police Department, showed that the majority nonwhite city is well on its way to top its previous “record” of 500 homicides for the entire year.

Criminal violence has claimed the lives of 109 people in Chicago since the start of the year, setting that 70 percent nonwhite city well on its way to a record year of mayhem and murder.
The homicide rate is now so commonplace that the Chicago Tribune newspaper now thinks it newsworthy to report that there has actually been a weekend—the first of the year—when no murders were committed.

The 70 percent nonwhite city of Chicago has had 126 shootings, which have resulted in at least 21 deaths, in the first week of 2016—exclusively the result of black and…

One illegal firearm is confiscated every 74 minutes by the Chicago police in this 69 percent nonwhite city, the latest crime summary report for that metropolis has revealed. The report,…