US Tries to Halt China’s Production and Shipping of Deadly Fentanyl

The US is finally moving to halt the mass importation of synthetic fentanyl—an opioid which killed more than 27,000 Americans in 2017 alone—after it emerged that there are almost no controls over... Read more »

German Government Orders Halt to Deporting Muslim Fake Refugees Back to China

The German government has ordered a halt to all deportations of fake refugee-invaders from the Uyghur region of China, claiming that the Muslims “face discrimination” from the majority Han Chinese back home. Read more »

China Identified as Source of Ozone-Destroying CFC-11 Despite Worldwide Ban

China’s foam-blowing industry has been identified as the source of a dramatic increase in the ozone-destroying CFC-11 chemical, despite a worldwide ban on the production and use of that chemical, a new... Read more »

Czech Republic: Fake Chinese “Asylum Seekers” in Appeal against Rejection

At least 70 Chinese invaders pretending to be refugees in the Czech Republic who have had their patently bogus “asylum” applications rejected, have launched an appeal in that country’s court system with... Read more »

EU Starts to Panic at Rate of Chinese Acquisitions

The European Union is busy drafting a law which aims to stop Chinese companies from buying up European firms and technology, deputy German Finance Minister Matthias Machnig has announced. As reported by... Read more »

Chinese Companies Indicted in Dangerous Dietary Fraud

A Dallas, Texas, grand jury has returned two indictments against five Chinese citizens and four companies alleging fraud and other charges, the US Justice Department announced. The charges relate to the sales... Read more »

US Infrastructure Dire Because “Trillions Spent on Wars”

America’s infrastructure is in a dire state because successive U.S. administrations have spent trillions on wars rather than investing in their own country, the Chinese billionaire entrepreneur and founder of the e-commerce... Read more »

Air China Warns of Nonwhite Crime in London

Air China's inflight magazine has advised its passengers to avoid the Indian, Pakistani, and black areas of London, and said that women should never go out alone for fear of being attacked.... Read more »

Chinese Detergent Ad and Media Hypocrisy

A Chinese detergent TV advertisement which “washes” a black man into a Chinese man has provoked controlled media hysteria and cries of “racism”—even though the same media were silent when an Italian... Read more »

Chinese Immigrant Spies for China

A Chinese immigrant, naturalized as an American national in 2008, and serving in a sensitive post in the US Navy has been arrested for spying for China, the United States Naval Institute... Read more »

Chinese “Lookalikes” Scamming US Immigration Tests

Chinese would-be students are taking advantage of the fact that white people struggle to tell them apart to scam college-entry tests to gain admittance to the US, it has emerged. It has become... Read more »

Legal “Immigrants” & Fake Passports

Nonwhite “immigrants” who are legally resident in Europe are behind the mass manufacture of fake passports and other documents, and use a network of contacts which include people living inside ISIS-occupied Syria,... Read more »

Pollution Armageddon in China

The inevitable end-result of the Reagan-Thatcher profit-driven obsession of deindustrializing the West and exporting all manufacturing to the Far East has come into full focus with the pollution Armageddon which is now... Read more »

Marco Polo Did Go to China, New Research Shows (and the History of Paper)

Marco Polo did really go to China, new research which disproves two centuries of doubt, has shown. Hans Ulrich Vogel, a professor of Chinese studies at the German University of Tübingen, in... Read more »

Chinese State TV Slams Western Companies but Ignores Massive Product Recalls in America

The state-run China Central Television (CCTV) has blasted a series of Western companies—including Apple and Volkswagen—doing business in China as part of what it calls an ongoing “corporate malpractice exposé”—but has ignored... Read more »