2019’s Climate Change “Heatwave” Exposed: Similar Temperatures Recorded in 1895, 1896, 1936, 1954, 1980 . . .

“Climate change” fanatics who have blamed this year’s European and North American summer heatwave on “man-made global warming” have been stumped by the news that almost identical temperatures were recorded in 1895,... Read more »

Agricultural Output in Central America Triples, But Controlled Media Continues “Climate Change Refugee” Lies

ricultural output in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala—the three Central American states producing the largest number of “refugees” demanding asylum at the US border—has more than tripled since 2000, exposing as lies... Read more »

Vast Overpopulation Causes Water Shortage in Africa, not “Climate Change”

The vast increase in Africa’s population—which is estimated to double within the next 30 years, thanks to white “foreign aid”—is going to cause mass starvation, disease and water shortages, and it is... Read more »

US National Security Council to Set Up Anti-Climate Change Fanatic Panel

Trump administration is planning to create an ad hoc group of federal scientists to reassess and counter the government's conclusions on climate change, The Washington Post has reported. Read more »

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Caught Red-handed Hyping Up “Climate Risks”

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation once again prove itself to be a taxpayer funded propaganda arm of the liberal government after it got caught hyping up the climate change agenda in spectacular... Read more »

“Climate Change” Fanatics Can’t Explain Record Snowfalls, Evidence of Life under South Pole 10,000 Years Ago

Climate change fanatics—who have blamed white western nations for “heating the planet” with their totally unproven “global warming” theory—have been dealt two body blows recently: the third annual season of record snowfalls... Read more »

“Global Warming” Fanatics Look Like Fools as Cape Town Water Returns

The South African city of Cape Town—widely touted by “global warming” fanatics the world over as the “first city to run dry because of man-made-emissions”—has relaxed its water restrictions after its water... Read more »

Third World Water Shortages Caused by Overpopulation, Bad Management, Not “Climate Change”

Water shortages in the Third World are caused by rampant over breeding and poor resource management, and not “climate change,” as hysterical race-denying liberals claim, a new study of water shortages in... Read more »

Extreme Cold Forces Alarmists to Cancel Anti-“Global Warming” Protest

A group of “global warming” scaremongering alarmists at America’s prestigious Yale University have been forced to cancel their planned “Global Divestment Day” this weekend—due to a continued bout of cold weather which... Read more »