Invader Sex Attacks Spur “Rape Protector”

The ongoing mass sex attacks on white women by the hordes of criminal nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe has spurred the invention of a modern steel belt “rape protector.” The device—an inconspicuous steel... Read more »

New Mass Invader Sex Attack in Germany

At least 26 German women were subjected to a new and coordinated mass sex attack by nonwhite invaders posing as refugees at an open-air music festival in the German town of Darmstadt.... Read more »

German Police Told: “Don’t Say Rape”

The Socialist Party of Germany (SPD)-ruled interior ministry of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) ordered police not to use the word “rape” when reporting sex attacks by nonwhite invaders.... Read more »

The Face of the Invader

This face is the personification of the nonwhite invasion of Europe: the Algerian “asylum seeker” who is the first to be charged with sex offences after the events on New Year’s Eve... Read more »

Cologne is “Every Day”

Nonwhite invader rape and sex attacks are now so common in Germany that the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have become “every day,” according to a Google maps website set... Read more »

Crowd Jeers Degenerate Music

A concert-going crowd last weekend in Cologne, Germany, jeered to a halt a performance by Iranian “virtuoso” Mahan Esfahani of an infamous piece of degenerate “minimalist” music by American “composer” Steve... Read more »

First “Asylum Seeker” Sentenced for Cologne Sex Attacks

The first “asylum seeker” convicted of stealing a cell phone during the New Year’s Eve mass nonwhite crime carnage in the German city of Cologne has been sentenced—to a laughable six-month suspended... Read more »

Cologne: 11,000 “North African” Crimes per Year

North African invaders in the city of Cologne, Germany, have committed on average some 11,000 crimes every year since January 2013, a secret police report leaked to the media has revealed. Called... Read more »

Police Admit: Sex Attacks in 12 of 16 German States

Mass nonwhite rapefugee sex-attacks and thefts like the ones that happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were also reported in 12 other German states, according to a report leaked from the... Read more »

Freiburg, Germany: “Refugees” Barred from Nightclubs

All nightclubs and discotheques in the supposedly liberal city of Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, have taken a joint decision to bar all “refugees” from their premises after endless criminal and sex attack incidents, a... Read more »

Sex Attacks: Police Chief Hid News

The chief of police in Cologne, Wolfgang Düren, deliberately withheld details of the racial nature of the New Year’s Eve mass sex-attacks in Cologne because he felt it would cause “racial incitement”... Read more »

German Police: Enemy of the People

The activities of the German police over the past few weeks have clearly shown that their political leadership regards native Germans as the enemy, and the nonwhite invaders as “protected species” who... Read more »

Pegida Cologne: State Agents Exposed

German state police agents were the ones responsible for setting off a handful of firecrackers which was then used as an excuse by the police to attack the peaceful crowd of Pegida... Read more »

Halle, Germany: Activists Hand Out Pepper Spray

Grateful German women snapped up boxes of pepper spray handed out by activists from the German Identitarian movement in the Saxony-Anhalt town of Halle today, in a powerful political propaganda act that... Read more »

Cologne: German Patriots Strike Back

German patriots, pushed to the point of no return by the endless wave of sex and criminal attacks on white women and girls in Cologne and the surrounding area, have started to... Read more »

1,700 Police Stop Cologne Pegida March

New Observer correspondent in Cologne, Germany—More than 1,700 police, under orders from the German government, turned out to halt a 3,000-strong Pegida demonstration in Cologne city center today—a marked contrast to the... Read more »

Criminal “Refugees” Shocks Germany

Germany has been shocked at the exposure of the massive criminal nature of the nonwhite “refugee” invasion, with police making dozens of arrests, recovering stolen cell phones in invader  centers, and seizing... Read more »

Sex Attacks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Mobs of nonwhite invader “refugees” took part in mass sex attacks in towns and cities all across Germany, Austria, and even Switzerland on New Year’s Eve, it has emerged as the controlled... Read more »

Cologne Mayor: White Girls Must “Avoid Rape”

Instead of blaming nonwhites for the mass sexual attacks in Cologne over New Year’s Eve, the far left extremist mayor of Cologne has said that German girls need to follow new rules... Read more »

Media Conspiracy over Cologne Mass Sex Attack

The mass sex attacks carried out by nonwhite refugee-invaders in Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart have definitively exposed the manner in which the controlled media attempts to manipulate news—and how the advent of... Read more »

Nonwhite Cologne Attackers “Like an Army”

Violence resulting from the 1,000-strong nonwhite invader mass sex attack in Cologne on New Year’s Eve forced the closure of the Cologne suburban rail network, overwhelmed and “terrified” the police, and included... Read more »

Mass Sex Attacks in Stuttgart, Hamburg

Swarms of nonwhite “refugee” invaders have engaged in mass sex attacks in Hamburg and Stuttgart over New Year’s Eve, it has emerged, reinforcing a pattern set by the 1000-strong attack mob in... Read more »

Photo: Invader Sex Attackers in Cologne

After days of attempted controlled media cover-ups, photographs and reports have finally emerged in German media admitting that the perpetrators of the mass sex attack on German girls in Cologne on New... Read more »