Iran: US, Israel, Behind Tanker Attacks; Japanese Owners Contradict US Account

The attacks on two oil tankers off the Gulf of Oman were committed by covert American and Israeli intelligence services as part of their attempts to incite a war against Iran, a... Read more »

Agricultural Output in Central America Triples, But Controlled Media Continues “Climate Change Refugee” Lies

ricultural output in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala—the three Central American states producing the largest number of “refugees” demanding asylum at the US border—has more than tripled since 2000, exposing as lies... Read more »

Mueller Investigation reveals that “Mainstream Media” are Biggest Purveyors of Fake News

After 22 months and $35 million, Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation has discovered what everyone knew all along: that the claims of a “Trump-Russia” collusion to influence the 2016 US Presidential election... Read more »

South Africa: ANC Has Not “Abandoned Farm Seizures after Trump Tweet”

There is no truth to current reports that South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has abandoned its policy of seizing white farms without compensation after US President Donald Trump’s tweet on the... Read more »

German Pilots Not “Refusing to Deport”

The controlled media, staffed as it is with amateur scribblers, politically-biased hacks, and outright liars, last week circulated a story that German aircraft pilots were refusing to take rejected “asylums seekers” back... Read more »

“Russia & Trump”: More Fake News

A detailed study of claims by the controlled media that Russia “interfered” in the recent U.S. Presidential election shows that the allegations are completely devoid of any factual foundation—and are a perfect... Read more »

Trump, Media and Fake News

The latest controlled media allegation that “fake news” persuaded Americans to vote for Donald Trump is untrue, insulting, and outrageous—considering that the media giants themselves engaged in the most outrageous fake news... Read more »

Turk Arrested for Latest Islamic Terror

A Muslim “immigrant” from Turkey, Arcan Cetin, has been arrested for the latest Islamic terrorist mall attack in America, in which five people were gunned down in a Macy’s store in Burlington,... Read more »

Lies over “Allahu Akbar” Stabbing in Australia

Yesterday’s “Allahu Akbar” stabbing attack in Australia has highlighted the ongoing establishment/media lies over Islamist terrorism and legal Third World immigration. Chinese-origin Mia Ayliffe-Chung was stabbed to death by North African-origin Smail... Read more »

‘All Terrorists are Insane’—FPÖ’s Hofer

The establishment and media must stop excusing the actions of the recent Islamist terrorists as being caused by “mental health problems”—because all terrorists have such problems, Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) presidential... Read more »

Daily Mail: New Observer was Right

The Daily Mail newspaper has confirmed that the New Observer was correct in its worldwide exclusive January exposé that the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper made up the story of a “mass neo-Nazi attack... Read more »

Controlled Media and Black Mall Riots

Thousands of blacks have once again rioted at shopping malls across America over the past weekend—but the controlled media is still pretending not to notice the race of the rioters, describing them... Read more »

Drowned “Syrian” Boy Funeral Exposes Lie of Nonwhite “War Refugees”

The funeral of the drowned “Syrian” (actually Kurdish) boy Aylan Kurdi in his hometown of Kobane, Syria, less than two days after his death at sea off the Turkish coast, has definitely... Read more »

Austria’s Freedom Party Surges as Controlled Media Keeps up Barrage of Smears and Lies

The English-speaking controlled mass media has kept up its barrage of smears and lies about Austria’s Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Freedom Party of Austria, or FPÖ), continuing to describe it as “far right”... Read more »