Magistrate Fired for Being Normal

The homosexual perversion of contemporary western society has gone so far that a magistrate in England has been sacked merely for expressing the opinion that placing children in the care of same-sex... Read more »

NY Law on “Transgender” Mental Illness

The “transgender” mental illness which is being promoted by the controlled media all over the Western world has taken on new meaning with a law in New York City which makes it... Read more »

The Extermination of the White Race: 69% of School Children in London Are Non-white

Nearly 70 percent of all school children in Greater London are non-white, according to figures published by the UK’s Department for Education (DFE). The figures, which can be found on the DFE’s... Read more »

Whites Blamed for Impending US Collapse

White people and “racism” are to blame for an impending collapse in the US following its switch to majority non-white demographics in 2042, a report by the far left “United for a... Read more »

“It is a Bit like Walking through the Ruins of a Civilization”

“It’s weird to be in a city where almost every piece of social infrastructure like the post office, the church, the concert hall, is all gone.” These are the words of BBC... Read more »

Detroit: The Death of White Civilisation

Anyone who doubts the long-term effect of the swamping of the First World by the Third, need look no further than Detroit in Michigan, where a new report has revealed that almost... Read more »

The Extermination of Whites in Europe: “We Are the Last 3 German Children in Our School.”

There are now only three German children left in the Jens-Nydahl-Grundschule in Kreuzberg, Berlin—a shocking demonstration of how Europe is being ethnically cleansed by Third World immigration. A story in the Bild magazine on... Read more »

Black Identity: Good. White Identity: Bad.

The institutional anti-white nature of the controlled media has been spectacularly exposed with reports that the leader of America’s “Black Congressional Caucus” has glibly announced that Obama Barack’s race is the only... Read more »

“Capital of Europe” to be Overrun — This is What the Multi-Culturalists Want

Brussels, the unofficial “capital of Europe” is already more than 25 percent Muslim, and when other non-Muslim Third World immigrants are added in, at least 57 percent of the city’s population is... Read more »