“Detroit Turnaround” Farce: Crumbling Black City Propped Up by Federal Tax Money

The much-vaunted “Detroit turnaround”—where the majority black Midwest US city was supposed to “recover” from total collapse—is a farce maintained only through massive federal subsidies, while the city’s population has contributed nothing... Read more »

Detroit Continues Downward Spiral: No Paper for Death Certificates, Illustrious Medical Center Closes and Wild Dogs Overrun the Streets

The shattered remains of the black-ruled city of Detroit continues on its downwards spiral, with the latest disasters to strike the once magnificent city being a shortage of paper to print death... Read more »

Black-Controlled Detroit is “in a Death Spiral”

Black-controlled Detroit is in a “death spiral” and has real debts of in excess of $17 billion, the emergency manager appointed by the state of Michigan has announced. Kevin Orr, appointed to... Read more »