Israel: Jews Set to Pass “Nation State” Bill which Legalizes Race Segregation, Justifies Land Theft

The Israeli government is set to put forward its long-awaited “nation state” bill which legalizes race segregation between Jews and non-Jews, and which promotes “Jewish settlement” [in Palestinian territories] as a “national... Read more »

Israel Plans to Deport First Group of Invaders by Weekend

At least 200 Eritreans falsely claiming to be “asylum seekers” in Israeli face deportation as early as this Friday, when they must decide between leaving the country or imprisonment in the Saharonim... Read more »

US Black/Jewish Alliance—But Not in Israel

The Jewish supremacist “Foundation for Ethnic Understanding” and the Anti-Defamation League have called for a new alliance with blacks against Donald Trump—but in Israel, which both organizations support, black “refugees” are locked... Read more »

Netanyahu and Ethnic Cleansing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that anyone who opposes the illegal Jewish colonization of the Palestinian West Bank supports the “ethnic cleansing of Jews” marks an unprecedented new low in Jewish... Read more »

Israel “Causes ISIS”: House of Lords Peer

Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians is a “major reason” behind the rise of radical Islamism and ISIS, and “Jewish power” is the cause of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s troubles, a... Read more »